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Space Use at the Ransom Center

When considering requesting space for an event at the Ransom Center, please remember that the Center's first obligation is to preserve and provide access to the materials in its collections.

Who may reserve spaces at the Ransom Center?

University of Texas departments and offices interested in hosting a reception, lecture, or meeting at the Ransom Center may submit the electronic request form. Non-University organizations may apply for space use only if they have a University sponsor.

Every request for space use must submit a University account number from which the Center can IDT the cost of the event (upon completion). Requests lacking an account number will be considered incomplete.

What types of spaces are available?

For photos and capacities of meeting rooms and reception spaces available for University use, please see the Space Use Request Form.

Second-floor classrooms are intended for University of Texas faculty teaching courses that require extensive use of collection materials. There are no classrooms available for meetings. Please see the Space Use Request Form for a list of available third-floor meeting rooms. If you are a faculty member and would like to request a classroom, please contact the Reading Room Receptionist.

Will the Ransom Center close to accommodate my event?

The first and second floors are open to the public during regular business hours. The galleries will remain open during the posted times (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10 a.m.–5 p.m.; Thursday 10 a.m.–7 p.m.; Saturday, Sunday noon–5 p.m.) regardless of any external events taking place at the Ransom Center. The galleries are closed on Mondays. If you would like the galleries to be open during your after-hours event, the Center requires the presence of an additional guard.

What are the costs associated with space use at the Ransom Center?

Prothro Theater Use Only
(one hour set-up and ½ hour take down required)

Weekdays, between 9AM-5PM : $100 per hour
Outside of business hours: $200 per hour*

Lobby/Atrium/Gallery Use Only
(one hour set-up and ½ hour take down required)

Weekdays, between 9AM-5PM : $150 per hour
Outside of business hours: $250 per hour*

Combined Event, Lobby and Theater
(one hour set-up and ½ hour take down required)

Weekdays, between 9AM-5PM : $200 per hour
Outside of business hours: $350 per hour*

*If any portion of the event runs outside of business hours, the event will be charged the “outside of business hours” rate.

In addition to these fees, most events require a guard, custodian, or both. (The electronic request form will provide you with a cost estimate for your event).

Fees for third-floor meeting rooms vary according to the time and nature of the event.

Does submitting the request guarantee my reservation?

No, the request must be approved by Ransom Center staff. You will receive an email approving or denying your request within two weeks of submission. You must respond to this email to confirm your reservation.

Does the Ransom Center provide tables, chairs, and linens for receptions or dinners?

The Center does not provide tables, chairs, or linens for public use. If required, please request these items from your caterer or through the University. You or your caterer will be required to set up and take down any furniture you request for the event.

The Center can provide a limited number of chairs and tables strictly as stage furniture in the Prothro Theater. You are encouraged to visit in advance of your event to confirm that the furniture provided will meet your needs.

Are food and beverages permitted?

Food and beverages are permitted in most spaces available for University use, with the exception of second-floor classrooms and the Prothro Theater. Alcohol may be served if the University organization obtains the necessary permission from the Provost's Office. Please see the University alcohol policy for more information.

Are there any restrictions on decorations and or activities in the Ransom Center, or on personal belongings that may be brought in?

Balloons, candles, and/or confetti are not permitted inside the Ransom Center. No signage or paper may be taped on any wall. Floral arrangements are acceptable. Questions about live music, caterers, or other activities can be submitted to Danielle Sigler.

The Ransom Center restricts the type of personal belongings that may be brought into teaching spaces, and into the Reading and Viewing Room. Personal belongings must be stored outside these areas. For further details, see HRC policies Reading and Viewing Room Regulations, and Materials Use Policy.

Storage of handguns is not allowed in Ransom Center lockers or other areas. For questions concerning concealed carry on campus, please refer to the University Handbook of Operating Procedures, and the Campus Carry website.

Can I change my request after it has been approved?

Any desired changes in start/stop time, required equipment, or location within the Ransom Center must be submitted for review no later than three weeks before the scheduled event. The Ransom Center does not guarantee the accommodation of any additional request (even when made three weeks prior) aside from those listed and approved on the original request.

What is your cancellation policy?

Organizations canceling an event with less than one-week notice will be charged any applicable fees (including guard and custodian fees) that the Ransom Center incurs on their behalf.

What if the University closes?

If the University officially closes due to inclement weather or emergency, any events scheduled will be cancelled as well. The Ransom Center will work with organizations to reschedule events (if feasible) in a timely manner.

Can my reservation be cancelled by the Ransom Center?

The Harry Ransom Center reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the President of the University or the Director of the Ransom Center schedules a conflicting event.


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