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Space Use Request Form

Please note: Submission of this form does not ensure a space reservation. It is a request for space use, and we will contact you soon about your request. There is NO reservation until an official confirmation is received. Fees will be charged for some services and space uses. If you have questions, please contact Anna Boxall at 512-232-6232 or Anna.Boxall@austin.utexas.edu.

The mission of the Ransom Center is to encourage discovery, inspire creativity, and advance understanding of the humanities for a broad and diverse audience through the preservation and sharing of its extraordinary collections. Preference is given to the events that align with our mission.

Note: This form cannot be used to request second-floor classrooms, which are reserved for courses that require extensive use of collection materials. To request a classroom, please contact 512-471-9119.

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Will alcohol be served? $
Please note: If alcohol will be served, permission from the Provost's office is required.
Will refreshments be served? $
Please note: A professional caterer must be hired if planning to serve refreshments. A walk-through of the space with the caterer may be necessary in some cases.
If so, please indicate possible caterers:
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Would you like the Ransom Center Galleries to remain open? $

  Any unlisted event requirements or needs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Technical Requirements (if any)

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Please fill out all required sections before submitting.