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Encouraging Discovery: An Introduction to the Harry Ransom Center

Enjoy an insider's glimpse into the Ransom Center.

"We're dedicated to sharing the collections that we have with a larger community."
          —Cathy Henderson, Associate Director of Exhibitions

"There is something magical about an archive."
          —Robert Abzug, Professor

This 10-minute video provides a broad overview of collections, scholarship, conservation, exhibitions, and programs.

Curators, students, members, and conservators discuss their work and how the Center shares and celebrates the creative process. The video showcases the range of materials that are housed at the Center, from a Houdini movie poster to letters by Edgar Allan Poe, from Jack Kerouac's notebook to Robert De Niro's make-up stills.

Visit the Ransom Center to make your own discoveries in the collections.

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View excerpt   The Magic of an Archive
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In this video excerpt, Cathy Henderson, Associate Director of Exhibitions, discusses the importance of community engagement and outreach, and Professor Robert Abzug shares his impression of working with the Ransom Center's archive.

View full video   Encouraging Discovery
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View excerpt   Making Discoveries in the Film Collection
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In this video excerpt, Curator of Film Steve Wilson provides an overview of the Ransom Center's film collection, which covers the range of the filmmaking experience.


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