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The Brave Bulls

Ink on paper: Illustration for The Brave Bulls by Tom Lea
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I went down there (Mexico) to get a more graphic idea of how bullfighters live. It was the first trip I ever made without some kind of sketchbook and some kind of paint box. Inviting myself into another line of endeavor, I concentrated on listening to the world to describe it in words rather than looking at it to record it in pictures. I went, for the first time, not preoccupied with peering at the visible form. . . . I went instead trying to put my ear to the beating of that bullfighter’s heart and the bull’s too. . . . I listened. The more I listened the more I knew what I had to do: not a book of roving reportage or of expository discourse on tauromachia or of belles-lettres profusely illustrated - hell, I had to write a novel.

- Tom Lea, A Picture Gallery.


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