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Exhibition Services

Exhibitions Services staff prepare a costume for display. Click to enlarge.

John Wright and Ken Grant prepare a costume
from the Robert De Niro collection for an
exhibition at the University Co-op.

The Ransom Center maintains an active program for the exhibition of photographs, artworks, printed books and manuscripts. The Exhibition Services Department is staffed by four full-time exhibits preparators and one Exhibition Conservator.

The Exhibition Services staff is responsible for the preparation, installation, maintenance and dismantling of the Ransom Center exhibitions. The staff prepare and pack shipments for loan as well as transportation to off-site venues and they install collections in government and university facilities in the area. The department works closely with conservators to provide sound and aesthetic solutions to presentation of the wide variety of collection items requested for exhibit. The staff of the department also works with exhibition curators to develop good overall presentation and design.

The Center is concerned about light intensity, relative humidity, temperature, handling and security practices at sites, including its own, where its materials will be on exhibit. Problems of placement and installation of sensitive or fragile objects are usually resolved through dialog with the curators or with borrowing parties. Importantly, the net effect of such discussion is to convey a sense of concern for the well being and safety of the objects being exhibited.