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Advisory Council

2016 Advisory Council. Click to enlarge.

Advisory Council, fall 2016. Photo by Pete Smith.

The Harry Ransom Center Advisory Council is comprised of influential friends from across the state and nation. It serves as an advisory group to the director and makes a significant difference in the success of the institution.

Council members work with the director and staff to increase private support of the Ransom Center and to champion development and outreach priorities. They promote awareness among constituencies of the broad value and impact of the Center on The University of Texas at Austin campus and beyond. They also encourage philanthropy as a means to enhance public support to fulfill the mission of the Center.

The Ransom Center created an Advisory Council in 1990. Representation by members from the Austin area is important to foster outreach within the local community. Members from areas statewide and beyond provide the Center with an international perspective. The Council provides strong leadership and guidance for the current capital campaign and will continue to play a critical role in strengthening all bases of support in the years to come.


Stephen Enniss, Austin, TX

Council Members

Chair: Frank Needham, Dallas, TX

Ramona Adams, Houston, TX
Sergio Alcocer, Austin, TX
Gordon Appleman, Fort Worth, TX
Joe Armstrong, Plano, TX
Jeanette Auerbach, Austin, TX
Rudolf Bekink, Austin, TX
Lynne B. Bentsen, Houston, TX
Dawn Black, Austin, TX
Suzanne Deal Booth, Austin, TX
Tom Borders, Austin, TX
Elizabeth Crook, Austin, TX
James Dahl, Los Angeles, CA
Mandy Dealey, Austin, TX
Karolyne H. C. Garner, Dallas, TX
David Garten, Houston, TX
Richard Groenendyke, Tulsa, OK
Margaret Hight, Austin, TX
Nancy Inman, Austin, TX
Jill Jewett, Houston, TX
Shaun Jordan, Austin, TX
Harris L. Kempner, Galveston, TX
Jeanne Klein, Austin, TX
Matt Kreisle, Austin, TX
Beth Madison, Houston, TX
Gilbert Mathews, San Antonio, TX
Edmund McIlhenny, Avery Island, LA
Celeste Meier, San Francisco, CA
Jay Moore, Houston, TX
Adam Muhlig, San Antonio, TX
Rosalba Ojeda, Austin, TX
Penne Korth Peacock, Austin, TX
Sam Radin, New York, NY
Cary T. Roberts, Houston, TX
Nancy Scanlan, Austin, TX
Lewis Smith, Tyler, TX
Jeffrey Sone, Dallas, TX
Lois Farfel Stark, Houston, TX
Steven Stodghill, Dallas, TX
Mark L.D. Wawro, Houston, TX
Ellen Winspear, Dallas, TX
Custis Wright, Austin, TX
Adam Zaner, Dallas, TX


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