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Lewis G. Smith III, MD

Austin, TX

Lewis Smith is an eighth generation Texan who counts as an ancestor someone who fought on the side of the Texicans in the Battle of Goliad and then survived the subsequent massacre. Dr. Smith's family has long been involved in business and politics; however, he abstained from following in the family tradition and became an oncologist. His first position was at U.T. MD Anderson where he was the Director of the Prostate Brachytherapy Program. Until recently he has served as the Medical Director of the St. David's Hospital System's Cancer Centers; now he is with the Texas Tech School of Medicine in the Southwest Cancer Center, where he serves as Director of Genitourinary Services.

Dr. Smith attended Groton then Yale University where he majored in molecular biochemistry-biophysics and minored in Soviet policy. After leaving Yale he spent a year at Cambridge where he studied British legal history before attending the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University. While at Yale he developed an interest in theater, becoming an aficionado of the wit and humor of G. B. Shaw.

In addition to the theater, Dr. Smith is an oenophile and a bibliophile, with modest collections of each. He also loves traveling, particularly to Europe and Asia. Dr. Smith is divorced and currently lives in Austin and commutes to Lubbock.


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