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Leading the Field in Technology and Digital Services

The digital revolution has influenced virtually every aspect of library and museum services, from the automation of internal record-keeping systems to the digitization of physical collections, from the acquisition of new "born-digital" works to the use of technology to present traditional collections and engage audiences. Digital technology enables the full range of holdings—audio and video recordings, print materials, photographs, artworks, artifacts, and other resources—to be cataloged, organized, combined in new ways, and made accessible to audiences in a variety of formats.

Endowed Digital Collections Coordinator

The works of late-twentieth- and twenty-first century authors and artists consist increasingly of original materials in the form of emails, floppy disks, hard drives, laptops, and other digital storage media. Critical to the success of the Ransom Center's emerging leadership role in this dynamic field is the establishment of a dedicated Digital Collections Coordinator position to provide expertise, direction, and coordination at this relatively early juncture in the development of digital collections at the Center and internationally. A Digital Collections Coordinator will work with library and museum managers worldwide to establish standards and best practices for handling digital collections, and with the Ransom Center's curators, archivists, and public services staff on the acquisition, preservation, description, access, and exhibition of digital collections.

Endowed Graduate Technology Internship

The Center will also establish an endowment to support its graduate technology internship program, which provides participants hands-on experience in the administration of technology services in a major humanities research center. This experience will benefit interns in advanced graduate studies and academic research and will prepare them to compete successfully for professional technology employment positions upon completion of their graduate studies at the University. The interns will bring to the Ransom Center knowledge of current trends in technology and a fresh approach to providing technology support for the Center's programs and services.

Technology Enhancements

As the demands for technology grow, and as the Center realizes new opportunities to improve efficiency and enhance services through technology upgrades, it must have the resources necessary to take advantage of the great opportunities provided by technology enhancements. To this end, the Center is raising funds to support future technology initiatives that will enable it to maintain state-of-the-art technology and digital services.


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For information on the capital campaign or to request a brochure, please contact Margie Rine at 512-471-9643 or margierine@austin.utexas.edu.

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Computer diskettes of various types

Collection material on computer diskettes of various types. Photo by Pete Smith.

Woman and man seated, conversing

Gabriela Gray Redwine, Archivist & Electronic Records/Metadata Specialist, converses with hypertext author Michael Joyce. Photo by Pete Smith.

Man placing a reel onto a tape recorder

Technology intern Aaron Zacks, shown here in the sound preservation lab, assesses a recording from the Ross Russell collection. Photo by Pete Smith.