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Capital Campaign Goal: $15,000,000

Strengthening Collections and Enhancing Curatorial Excellence: $7,500,000

         Collection Development ($2,500,000)
         Curatorial Excellence Endowment ($2,500,000)
         Endowed Curator of Romance Languages ($1,000,000)
         Exhibitions and Programs ($1,000,000)
         Cataloging ($500,000)

Bringing Greater Prominence to the Photography Program: $3,500,000

         Endowed Curator of Photography ($1,500,000)
         Endowed Photograph Conservator ($1,000,000)
         Photography Conservation Services ($500,000)
         Endowed Photography Internship ($500,000)

Leading the Field in Technology and Digital Services: $2,000,000

         Endowed Digital Collections Coordinator ($1,000,000)
         Endowed Technology Internship ($500,000)
         Technology Initiatives ($500,000)

Sustaining Excellence: $1,500,000

Creating Greater Opportunities for Scholarship: $500,000

         Endowed Research Fellowships


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For information on the capital campaign or to request a brochure, please contact Margie Rine at 512-471-9643 or margierine@austin.utexas.edu.

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