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Calendar Image Set

Calendar images often depict the labors or other activities associated with each month, as in this example from the Belleville Hours. Red ink denotes important feast days. The numbers and letters in the columns at the left permit the skillful user to calculate the date for Easter and other moveable feasts on the religious calendar. HRC MS 8, fol. 3r. France ca. 1425 with modifications ca. 1450. French and Latin. Leaf size 4.9 x 3.4 in.

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January. Click to enlarge.

January. Feasting. HRC MS 8, fol. 3r.

March. Click to enlarge.

March. Pruning. HRC MS 8, fol. 5r.

May. Click to enlarge.

May. Hawking. HRC MS 8, fol.7r.

July. Click to enlarge.

July. Reaping. HRC MS 8, fol. 9r.

September. Click to enlarge.

September. Treading grapes. HRC MS 8, fol. 11r.

November. Click to enlarge.

November. Harvesting acorns. HRC MS 8, fol. 13r.

February. Click to enlarge.

February. Keeping warm. HRC MS 8, fol. 4r.

April. Click to enlarge.

April. Planting (?). HRC MS 8, fol. 6r.

June. Click to enlarge.

June. Mowing. HRC MS 8, fol. 8r.

August. Click to enlarge.

August. Threshing. HRC MS 8, fol. 10r.

October. Click to enlarge.

October. Sowing. HRC MS 8, fol. 12r.

December. Click to enlarge.

December. Slaughtering. HRC MS 8, fol. 14r.