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Hours of the Virgin Image Set

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Matins. Click to enlarge.

Matins. Annunciation. Mary receives the message from the angel Gabriel that she has been chosen to be the Mother of God as the Dove of the Holy Spirit descends from the right. HRC MS 6, fol. 15r. Leaf size 6.2 x 4 in.

Prime. Click to enlarge.

Prime. Nativity. Mary and Joseph kneel in adoration of the Christ Child as the beasts look on and the star shines from above. HRC MS 6, fol. 40r. Leaf size 6.2 x 4 in.

<i>Sext</i>. Click to enlarge.

Sext. Adoration of the Magi. Three Magi present gifts to the Christ Child. HRC MS 6, fol. 47v. Leaf size 6.2 x 4 in.

Vespers. Click to enlarge.

Vespers. Flight into Egypt. Mary cradles the Christ Child as Joseph leads the Holy Family to safety, and an idol falls in the background, HRC MS 6, fol. 53r. Leaf size 6.2 x 4 in.

Lauds. Click to enlarge.

Lauds. Visitation. Mary greets her cousin Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, who gestures towards the swollen belly of the Virgin. HRC MS 6, fol. 32r. Leaf size 6.2 x 4 in.

Terce. Click to enlarge.

Terce. Annunciation to the shepherds. An angel holding a scroll labeled “Gloria in excelsis” announces the birth of Christ to two shepherds watching over their flock. HRC MS 6, fol. 44v. Leaf size 6.2 x 4 in.

None. Click to enlarge.

None. The Virgin presents the Christ Child to the high priest Simeon as Joseph (or a handmaiden) holds a candle for the procession of lights following the ceremony, and a basket of turtle doves, the sacrificial offering. HRC MS 6, fol. 50r. Leaf size 6.2 x 4 in.

Compline. Click to enlarge.

Compline. Coronation of the Virgin. An angel crowns the Virgin as Queen of Heaven as she is blessed by God the Father. HRC MS 6, fol. 58r. Leaf size 6.2 x 4 in.