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Suffrages Image Set

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John the Baptist pointing to the Lamb of God<. Click to enlarge.

John the Baptist pointing to the Lamb of God. John the Baptist wearing hair garment, kneels beside water while holding a book and indicating towards the Lamb of God (symbol of Christ); HRC MS 3, fol. 93v.

<i>Saint Christopher</i>. Click to enlarge.

Saint Christopher. Christopher the giant, patron saint of travelers, fording a stream, bearing the Christ Child on his back; HRC MS 3, fol. 95v.

Corpus Christi. Click to enlarge.

Corpus Christi. Two angels raising a host in a monstrance.

Saint James. Click to enlarge.

Saint James. Apostle James (Jacob) as pilgrim, holding staff and bag; HRC MS 3, fol. 94r.

Saint Anne. Click to enlarge.

Saint Anne. Anne, patron saint against poverty, reads to her daughter Mary, who holds the Christ Child on her lap; HRC MS 3, fol. 96v.