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TO: Mr. David O. Selznick

DATE: November 11, 1936

FROM: Miss Katharine Brown


Dear David:

The pilgrimage to the South sounds as though it will be terrific work
but enormous fun. The Chairman wants to see George surrounded by a
bevy of Southern belles and if present plans go according to schedule he
may join us at Sweetbriar. Can't you just picture Cukor in the middle
of a girls' college in the South? That thought is enough to make any
amount of work worth while!

I agree with you that the trip must be very carefully thought out and
handled in the most expedient manner possible. We are at the present
moment engaged in making out a list of the colleges throughout the four
neighboring states to Georgia. We will contact each one of these colleges
with which we are unfamiliar and find out if they have a dramatic depart-
ment and how many people they have in it and determine from that whether
or not they should be on our schedule.

We have called Equity, Billboard, and Variety only to be told that as far
as they know there are no existing stock companies operating in the South.
Recalling that Walter Hartwig had run the most successful Little Theatre
tournaments in New York, I got in touch with him this morning and he is
digging back in his records and will furnish me with information as to
the best Little Theatres in the South and the names of the directors.

Sidney Howard is still in the country but when I talked to Harold Freedman
this morning he seemed to think that Sidney would be very pleased to come
into town whenever George wanted him and to make the trip to Atlanta with

I have in the process of work a breakdown of every character in the book
of importance, with a description taken from the book, and the age of the
character listed. I am sending a copy of this to every agent in New York,
asking him to fill in his suggestions for the roles. I should be familiar
with the majority of suggestions and George can go over these on his

I have called Tallulah and she is coming in on Monday and we are going to
the costumers and the hairdressers and I am going to ask Larry Williams to
make the test with her and have everything set up so that George can shoot
any morning he desires. I'll try and have everything run on greased wheels
for George when he arrives.

We will send you an outline of the plans for the proposed trip. I am also
going to have Birdwell go over with me the manner in which he thinks the
publicity should be handled. United Artists can contact its managers in
every city before our arrival and give us the necessary build-up.