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Inter-Office Communication

TO: Mr. David O. Selznick.

DATE: March 29, 1937

FROM: Mr. George Cukor -in Atlanta


Second Talent Search

Dear David:

Will you have somebody in your office look this girl up. She seems
definitely interesting. (Betty Barney)

We arrived yesterday with a great fanfare. Margaret Mitchell was
absolutely divine with us, helpful, cooperative, very intelligent
about the whole thing. Yesterday, she took Hobe and me up and sown
the city, showing us where she imagined various houses to be; then
we followed the road that Scarlett took to Jonesboro and 'Tara',
looking at houses, etc. I found it enormously helpful.

In the afternoon, we went to a meeting of the Atlanta Historical
Society where I was my usual gracious self and made a very good im-
pression for Selznick International - which was not difficult for me.
We have made all arrangements with the Historical Society to photo-
stat their records and pictures; have had long lists of reference
books, some of which we will buy locally, so we will be as completely
equipped as we were for COPPERFIELD.

Kay and Darrow and Miss Flagg arrived today and we are organizing
the talent bureau and giving a big tea for the press tomorrow. Kay
and Miss Mitchell and I have been looking for suitable technical
advisors. One is Wilbur Kurtz who is regarded as the great
authority on architecture, military movements, Civil War, etc. in
Atlanta. For the social customs, women's costumes, general behavior,
there is a very intelligent friend of Miss Mitchell's who is very
well born - Miss Myrick - who has lived both in Atlanta and in the
country outside Atalanta who would be ideal. Kay is talking to them
both about money. I should imagine you would get them very inex-
pensively. With them I feel we can make no glaring mistakes and they
will be of enormous help to us.

After all my gracious promises, I forgot that I did not have Garbo's
telephone number. I am getting it and will call her one evening,
either today or tomorrow.

Can you do something about Time Magazine - current issue? I suppose
you read the item in which it said that I said I will select Scarlett,
I want her to be this and I won't have this - all of which you know
with my usual tact and modesty I did not say - and then after making
fun of me they make me still further a fool by saying that the part
had been filled three days before.

After we finish here we are going to Savannah, Charleston and New Orleans,
combing the country quite thoroughly for talent, etc. I think I want to
go back to California and then go East with you, if you want me to.

Affectionate regards,
George-(under contract
to Selznick International