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Russell Birdwell:
Please note carefully and

TO: Mr. David O. Selznick dos


FROM: Miss Katharine Brown

DATE: 11/29/36 Noted by RB

Dear David:

There is no reason to bore you with long reports on our activities. Just
know a day in New York is child's play to this mad house.

Baltimore proved nothing from point of view of securing people for pic-
tures -- two pretty girls and not too pretty at that. It was all very
social and very General Lee. The only thing gained was press reaction
to the care with which you prepare your pictures.

Washington was different. The drama schools proved nothing but the Civic
Repertory group was very interesting. Beside Paul Walter we found two
girls who may have something for the secondary roles of Suellen and India
or Honey. We have asked these girls to send their pictures to New York.
We have airmailed photos to you of Paul Walter. Both Bundsmann and I
thought he gave an excellent reading of Ashley. A Metro scout had seen
him some time ago and had attempted to persuade him to come up to New
York and he was planning to go this week, Wednesday, but we nipped that
in the bud and he will not come up until our return. If you like the pic-
tures I think we should make a test. He is now working as secretary to
one of the New Deal executives and I don't believe makes more that $50 a
week, so I should suggest a six months term contract rather than on a per
picture basis as I ought to be able to grab him off around $75 per week
at the most.

I had my first taste of the press. I entertained for them at cocktails
and after the theatre. Tell Birdwell I think everything was okay. All
the press seems to be enormously impressed with the fact that this expe-
dition is being conducted quietly and genuinely and I think we will get
more space than if we had one of the usual caravans. They can't quite
believe that you would really use a new Scarlett but are all very much in
favor of a new personality for the part. As you can expect, they drank
a great deal and I found out a lot of interesting things such as about the
press party for WINTERSET and the press party for ANTHONY ADVERSE. The
Warners threw a shindig for ANTHONY and the reviews were written when they
were all blind and two of the leading critics said when they saw the picture
again they were horrifiedabout their reviews which were rave notices. As
probably Russell told you RKO brought the critics from all over the country
for WINTERSET. It must have been an historic party as the notices on
WINTERSET were raves, all of them mentioning the courage that RKO had to put
in new faces. I got in everything I could about ALLAH. I don't like this
phase of the trip at all but feel sure we are handling it creditably.

We banged into Jock and Mrs. Whitney at WINGLESS VICTORY and Mrs. Whitney
said she might like to join us in Atlanta. I think she might get a kick out
of it and I told her if she comes I'd put her to work and don't think I

Got memo for Silvia about Rosenblatt and will take care of it.