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TO: Miss Katharine Brown


FROM: Silvia Schulman

DATE: 11/24/36

Dear Kay:

Don't ask me where Milledgeville is. Incidentally, (this is for
Harriett) it's Milledgeville - not Midgeville. The worst thing
we could do would be to throw mud on that fair spot. All I can
gather is that it's in Georgia; has a lot of fine old houses and
plantations. All I can suspect about the place is that there's
nothing to do because the entire population has written us letters
and continues to do so! Seriously, I think it's very near Atlanta
and because the Governor of Georgia, the Mayor of the town and
all sorts of prominent people have written us regarding it, I
think it would be a good idea to say hello to it. . at least,
Mr. Cukor and Mr. Howard should because, as you will see from
Mrs. Hines' album, it is really filled with lovely old southern
homes, etc. and should prove of some value to Mr. Cukor and
Mr. Howard.

My confusion mounts each day. I'm trying to get a book organized
for Mr. Cukor so that he will have time to prepare himself for
all the things he is to do in New York and down South but from your
epistles about the Junior Leaguers, the horsey sets, the F.F.V.,
and every other Southern plague, you have enough for him without
my little contribution.

Mr. Cukor has finished his retakes on "Camille": will make some
tests for us; and then will be on his merry way. . I hope.

Oh, please, tell me more about that wonderful book, teacher. . .