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The Wedding Dress

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The reception after Charles and Scarlett's marriage. The room is lighted by many candles.

Scarlett, in her mother's wedding dress and veil, stands in the receiving line in front of the mantelpiece between Charles on one side and her mother and father on the other, receiving congratulations from the guests. Charles is in the uniform of his troop.

The impression of a great many guests should be gained from the babble of voices, from silhouetted figures on the wall behind the receiving line - and from the people immediately ahead of and immediately behind Ashley and Melanie, who, as we pick up the scene, are the ones congratulating Scarlett and Charles.

(Some of the men we see are in uniforms of their troops - Ashley, too, in uniform.)

(kissing Scarlett) Scarlett, I thought of you at our wedding yesterday and hoped yours would be as beautiful. And it was.

(like a sleepwalker) Was it?

(nods emphatically) Now we're really and truly sisters.

Since Scarlett rushed into the marriage with Charles Hamilton, she would have had to use her mother's wedding dress. So Plunkett fitted the dress on Barbara O'Neil's (Ellen O'Hara) dress form. Consequently,the dress was a little too long and had large sleeves which was the fashion in 1834 when Ellen would have been married.

The Wedding Dress: Front The Wedding Dress: Back

The replica of Scarlett O'Hara's wedding dress was made of thirty-one yards of French silk satin. Touch of Lace, New York, reproduced 160 silk leaves and 20 lace leaves for it. The dress took 340 hours to complete, from July 10 to October 15, 1986.

Director: Sister Mary Elizabeth Joyce, Incarnate Word College, San Antonio, Texas

Designers: Carrie Harrell and Jan Hevenor

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