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The "Victorian Blood Book" from the Library of Evelyn Waugh

Evelyn Waugh, whose manuscripts and 3,500-volume library are now at the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin, was an inveterate collector of things Victorian (and well ahead of most of his contemporaries in this regard). Undoubtedly the most curious object in the Waugh library is a large oblong folio decoupage book known affectionately as the "Victorian Blood Book."  Learn more

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Displaying the Rubáiyát in Miniature

The Ransom Center's exhibition The Persian Sensation: The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám in the West explores how a translation of a Persian poem went from obscurity to celebrity in British and American culture.

One manifestation of the Rubáiyát's popularity was the publication of dozens of miniature editions, 29 of which have been included in the exhibition. Exhibition Services staff member Sonja Reid and Curator of British and American Literature and exhibition co-curator Molly Schwartzburg discuss their collaborative project to create an effective display for these compelling artifacts.

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The Arrival of a Collection

Join the Ransom Center's archivists and conservators as they unpack the more than 60 boxes of new John Fowles material, inspecting it for insect and mold infestation while simultaneously completing an organizational assessment of the items.

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A Cabinet of Drawings

Ransom Center Curator of Art Peter Mears discusses curating the art exhibition A Cabinet of Drawings. This survey or "cabinet" of more than 100 drawings from the Ransom Center's diverse collections features book illustrations, designs, illustrated letters, landscapes, and portraiture by such internationally recognized figures as William Blake, Jean Cocteau, Miguel Covarrubias, E. E. Cummings, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Miller, Pablo Picasso, and Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

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El Salvador and the Cold War

Associate Professor of History Virginia Burnett speaks with exhibitions intern Joey Kolker about memory and human rights in El Salvador, 15 years after the signing of peace accords that ended the country's civil war. Burnett is a co-organizer of the April 2008 conference Image, Memory, and the Paradox of Peace, jointly sponsored by the University's Bernard and Audre Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice, the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, the School of Journalism, and the Harry Ransom Center. As part of this collaboration, the Ransom Center presented the photography exhibition Inside El Salvador.

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The American Twenties

The Harry Ransom Center's exhibition The American Twenties explored the decade's profound cultural and social changes, including ambiguities, contradictions, contrasts and conflicts as well as the many ideas and ideologies that were born or came to fruition in the 1920s. Featuring more than 400 items that highlight and define the era, the exhibition illuminated the achievements and events that characterized the period. The exhibition was on display from January 30, 2007 through July 29, 2007.

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Scroll Manuscript for On the Road

Molly Schwartzburg, Curator of British and American Literature at the Ransom Center, curated the exhibition On the Road with the Beats. She talks about Jack Kerouac's scroll manuscript of On the Road, on loan from the collection of Jim Irsay, which was on display from March 7 through June 1, 2008. The first 48 feet of this 120-foot "page" were visible in the gallery. This visually stunning first draft has no paragraph or chapter breaks, and the characters are referred to by their real names.

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Anthony Maddaloni

David Mamet Visits Campus

Writer and director David Mamet visited campus in February to speak and meet with students in the James A. Michener Center for Writers and the departments of Radio-Television-Film, Theatre and Dance, and English. Amanda Tufano, intern for the Public Affairs department at the Ransom Center, interviews Mamet about what it means to have his life's work housed at the Ransom Center and what advice he has for young writers.

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The Legacy of Watergate

During their March 2007 visit to the Ransom Center, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein discussed their archive of reporting on Watergate.

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