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Jeri Salter, Pastel Artist

Texas artist Jeri Salter is a modern pastel painter following the heritage of Frank Reaugh.

Learn what Salter loves about Texas landscapes and how she re-traced Reaugh's process a century later.

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Frank Reaugh: Landscapes of Texas
and the American West

Working in the vein of American Impressionism, Reaugh (pronounced "Ray") devoted his career to visually documenting the immense unsettled regions of the Southwest before the turn of the twentieth century.

A restless and intrepid traveler, Reaugh sketched scenes while riding with cattlemen during the height of Texas’s historic roundups, and he led annual sketch trips to some of Texas’s most spectacular and remote locations.

Drawing on more than 100 artworks from the Harry Ransom Center’s collection, as well as public and private collections across the state, the exhibition showcases Reaugh's approach to landscape painting and his mastery of the pastel medium.

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Encouraging Discovery:
An Introduction to the Harry Ransom Center

Enjoy an insider's glimpse into the Ransom Center.

This 10-minute video provides a broad overview of collections, scholarship, conservation, exhibitions, and programs.

Curators, students, members, and conservators discuss their work and how the Center shares and celebrates the creative process. The video showcases the range of materials that are housed at the Center, from a Houdini movie poster to letters by Edgar Allan Poe, from Jack Kerouac's notebook to Robert De Niro's make-up stills.

Visit the Ransom Center to make your own discoveries in the collections.

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The Undergraduate Visitor

Watch a video about what the Ransom Center offers undergraduate students.

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Eli Reed: The Lost Boys of Sudan

In 2001, Eli Reed (b. 1946) traced the path of some of the more than 20,000 "Lost Boys," as aid workers have called them, some as young as five years old, forced to flee after their families were massacred or enslaved during the Second Sudanese Civil War.

Reed's powerful series documents their journey as they leave the camp and adjust to life in the United States, acclimating to a starkly different culture and a new world of formidable challenges.

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Norman Bel Geddes

Donald Albrecht, exhibition organizer and curator of architecture and design at the Museum of the City of New York, discusses industrial designer Norman Bel Geddes's influence on the American landscape. Albrecht—editor of Norman Bel Geddes Designs America (Abrams)—emphasizes the breadth of the Bel Geddes collection at the Ransom Center, which includes Bel Geddes's plans and sketches of his futurist visions.

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Jim Crace's Writing Advice

Jim Crace shares advice for writers and discusses an article he wrote for Condé Nast about scissors.

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Jim Crace on T. H. White's Archive at the Ransom Center

Jim Crace discusses why T. H. White’s archive at the Ransom Center brought tears to his eyes.

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Jim Crace on Painting

Jim Crace talks about his watercolor paintings and the importance of coastal landscapes in his writing.

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Jim Crace's Childhood Maps and the Narrative of Travel

Jim Crace talks about his childhood love of atlases, shares maps of invented islands he drew as a child, and explains how this hobby carries over to his writing today.

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Conserving the Gone With The Wind Costumes

In 2010, the Ransom Center raised funds to conserve original costumes from Gone With The Wind, which are part of the Center's David O. Selznick archive. Donors from around the world graciously contributed more than $30,000 to support the conservation work, which will enable the Ransom Center to display the costumes safely in a fall 2014 exhibition, loan the costumes to other institutions, and display the costumes properly on custom-fitted mannequins.

The Ransom Center's detailed and careful conservation work took more than 180 hours and occurred between fall 2010 and spring 2012.

Green Curtain Dress

Green Velvet Dressing Gown

Burgundy Ball Gown

Wedding Dress Veil

Ten Topics with Elliott Erwitt

Photographer Elliott Erwitt shares his thoughts on ten topics, ranging from himself to the Kilgore Rangerettes. Erwitt’s archive, which includes more than 50,000 signed photographic prints, is housed at the Harry Ransom Center.

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Jim Crace on Archival Ephemera

Author Jim Crace shares his interest in ephemera in a writer's archive, which he believes contain their own narratives and stories.

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Consider the Archive:
An Evening of David Foster Wallace

The Harry Ransom Center commemorated the opening of the David Foster Wallace archive with readings of Wallace's work by writers and actors on September 14, 2010. Readers, including Wayne Alan Brenner, Elizabeth Crane, L. B. Deyo, Doug Dorst, Owen Egerton, Chris Gibson, Kurt Hildebrand, Shannon McCormick and Jake Silverstein, shared selections of Wallace's fiction, essays, and correspondence. Wallace's archive is housed at the Ransom Center. The program was co-sponsored by American Short Fiction and Salvage Vanguard Theater.

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A World of Interest: Frida Kahlo's Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird

Watch a video documentary about one of the Harry Ransom Center's most famous and frequently borrowed art works, Frida Kahlo's Self-portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird (1940).

Featuring interviews with curators and installers, the video narrates the painting's return to the Ransom Center, its unpacking and assessment, and finally, its installation on the first floor.

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Membership: Experience the Harry Ransom Center's Treasures

Members speak about what they enjoy most about their involvement with the Harry Ransom Center.

Members of the Ransom Center enjoy exhibition openings, events with the Director, complimentary parking at select events, private exhibition and collection tours, and the latest news of acquisitions, programs, and more. Our members receive a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the cultural wonders we keep secure for the future.

We invite you to join today to experience all that the Ransom Center has to offer.

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Writer Alan Furst

Alan Furst speaks about his evolution as a writer, his research and writing process, what it means to have his archive housed at the Ransom Center.

Writing Spy Novels

Developing Atmosphere

First Drafts

Harry Ransom Center

Making Movies

Associate Curator of Film Steve Wilson elaborates about Making Movies, an exhibition that focuses on the artistic collaboration that is unique to the medium. Wilson shares how the Ransom Center’s holdings document the history of the motion picture industry to illustrate the highly collaborative nature of the movie-making process.

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Costume Revelations

A costume can reveal much about a film character. For example, a character's social and economic class can be represented through the style and quality of her or his clothes, shoes, and jewelry, and whether those clothes are clean and fresh or tattered and soiled. Clothing also exposes a character's unique personality traits and self-image. Steve Wilson, the Ransom Center's Associate Curator of Film, talks about Robert De Niro's costume in Taxi Driver, and how it supports and enhances the interpretation of the character Travis Bickle.

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Jim Crace reading from his novel All That Follows (2010)

Jim Crace reads from his novel All That Follows (2010) in the stacks of the Harry Ransom Center. The Ransom Center holds Crace's papers, which include the research notes and early drafts of All That Follows as well as the edited page proofs. Consisting of more than 45 boxes of the materials, Crace's archive is open and available for research.

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¡Viva! Mexico's Independence

The year 2010 marks the 200th anniversary of Mexico's independence from Spain and the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution, pivotal events in Mexico's struggle for self-governance. In honor of this bicentennial and centennial, the Ransom Center's exhibition ¡Viva! Mexico's Independence showcases items from the Center's holdings that relate to the history of Spain's original conquest of Mexico, Mexico's independence from Spain and subsequent revolutionary activities within Mexico.

Rosalba Ojeda, Consul General of México in Austin, discusses the value of seeing original materials that illuminate these historic touchstones.

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Robert De Niro Film Collection

Curators discuss the cataloging of the Robert De Niro film collection and how the materials are processed upon their arrival at the Ransom Center. The collection, which opened in April 2009, covers many different aspects of filmmaking, from the scripts and the screenwriting to the costumes and film and videotape. Listen to the curators' share the discoveries about the collection.

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The Mike Wallace Interview

Watch broadcast journalist Mike Wallace's interviews from the television program The Mike Wallace Interview. Wallace donated the show's footage on 16mm kinescope to the Ransom Center in the early 1960s. Most episodes have not been seen since they aired.

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Fellows on Fellowships

Since the inception of its fellowship program in 1990, the Ransom Center has hosted more than 500 scholars as fellows.

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Harry Huntt Ransom: A Celebration

The Ransom Center celebrated the 100th anniversary of Harry Ransom's birthday in November 2008. This video shares some of the enormous contributions made by Harry Ransom to higher education, American libraries, and the establishment of an internationally renowned humanities center in Texas.

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The Curse of the "Great Omar"

Around 1909, bookbinder Francis Sangorski decided to produce the greatest binding of all time: a jeweled edition of The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám with illustrations by Elihu Vedder. The magnificent book was created and contained almost 1,200 jewels, but the book and its binder seemed doomed from the beginning. Hear the curators of The Persian Sensation: The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám in the West tell the tragic story of what happened to the greatest binding ever created.

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Fritz Henle's Family on Fritz

To prepare for the exhibition Fritz Henle: In Search of Beauty, curator Roy Flukinger interviewed Henle's family on St. Croix in July 2007.

The pieces share an intimate personal and professional portrait of Henle through the eyes of his children Tina and Martin and his wife Marguerite.

The Man Behind the Lens
Fritz The Photographer
Life After Death: Fritz Henle Master Print Collection


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