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Spring 2001 Newsletter

Development News

Dancing About Architecture

In 1956, University of Texas President Harry Huntt Ransom declared his vision of establishing a “center of cultural compass, a research center to be the Bibliothéque Nationale of the only state that started out as an independent nation.”  Just one year later, the Humanities Research Center was founded. In the decades to follow, Ransom’s vision evolved into a dynamic and important institution.

Soon, the Ransom Center embarks on a dramatic transformation of its present building. After the University’s art museum vacates the first two floors of the building in the spring of 2001, the Ransom Center will be transformed into a grand place with expanded public galleries for photography and art exhibitions, a state of the art theater, and a research wing devoted to sharing the treasures of our world-class literary collections.

In less than five years, the Ransom Center has raised over $6 million toward its $8.5 million dollar reconstruction project. The University has approved the program, urging the Center to move forward with alacrity and assume its proper place among the other significant cultural public institutions in Austin. With your continued support, a new Ransom Center will soon cast an air of warmth and excitement as it gains exposure to a new public, inviting them to join us in leading the way for the preservation of the arts and humanities in Texas and the nation. 

Tom Galyean
Coordinator of Development

drawing of proposed Ransom Center reconstruction

Drawing by Lake/Flato Architects Inc

New Advisory Council Members

photo of New York building by Alvin Langdon Coburn

Alvin Langdon Coburn,
New York, with a foreword
by H.G. Wells, London:
Duckworth & Co.,
c. 1910. Plate 16.
Gernsheim Collection.
Ransom Center Photography
Photo by Pete Smith.

Harry McPherson, Betty Wilson, Chair Norm Fischer, Ransom Center Director Thomas F. Staley, Lowell Lebermann, Tom Borders.

Left to Right: Harry McPherson, Betty Wilson, Chair Norm Fischer,
Ransom Center Director Thomas F. Staley, Lowell Lebermann,
Tom Borders. New members missing from this photo: Greg Curtis,
Shrub Kempner and returning member Ramona Davis.
Photo by Pete Smith.

New York, New York

March 7-9, the Ransom Center will host a trip to New York City for members of the Center’s Advisory Council and Ransom Circle. Events will include a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the Pierpont Morgan Library and three receptions. Among the highlights will be a party hosted by the Center at the Grolier Club.

The Ransom Circle recognizes donors who give $1000 or more annually to the Center. In turn, they enjoy unique experiences in the arts and humanities. Please contact Ashley Golliher at 512.232.3666 to join us.

The Ransom Center is grateful to the Inman Foundation for their recent $15,000 gift toward the David Douglas Duncan Cataloging, Preservation, and Digitization project. We are honored to have the continued support of Admiral Bobby and Mrs. Nancy Inman, and their family.

David Douglas Duncan Archive Cataloging, Preservation, and Digitization

Photo of Nancy and Bobby Inman with David Douglas Duncan

Nancy and Bobby Inman with David Douglas Duncan at the opening of
the Duncan exhibition at the LBJ Library and Museum, March 1999.
Photo by Pete Smith.

Goal $95,000         Raised$61,006

Jewish Literature and Culture Initiative
Goal  $1,000,000     Raised  $811,500

Overall Campaign
Goal  $24,000,000   Raised  $23,204,960

Building Construction
Goal  $8.5 million  Raised  $6.1 million

Left to raise   $2.4 million

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