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Summer 2001 Newsletter

Public Programs

Photograph of Brian Doherty and bongo player Heather Craig by Steve Wilson.
Brian Doherty and bongo player Heather Craig. Photograph by Steve Wilson.

By all accounts, our spring Poetry on the Plaza season was an enormous success, particularly our celebration of National Poetry Month with three readings during the month. Notable moments of the season included local poet Shia Barnett's rhythmic reading of her signature poem Sista basketball coach Jody Conradt's reading of basketball poetry; and English professor Brian Doherty's reading of Beat poetry accompanied by his own bongo drum player.

Our lectures also brought in the crowds with literary scholar Janice Radway's address on reading as an act of identity (our Sixth Annual Pforzheimer lecture) and noted author Dan Jacobson speaking on the issue of Holocaust denial, as exemplified in the David Irving court case.

This summer, we look forward to celebrating James Joyce's Bloomsday in true Irish form — at our local pub, The Dog and Duck, on Friday, June 15, 2001 at 4:00 p.m. The celebration commemorates the day in the life of Leopold Bloom — June 16, 1904 — that fills the pages of Joyce's Ulysses. A select group of readers will begin our revelry of readings from Joyce's various works, to be followed by an open mic, inviting all Joyce fans to share their favorite passage.

Janice Radway at the Ransom Center, February 2001Dan Jacobson at the Ransom Center, April 2001Jody Conradt, April 2001Shia Barnett, February 2001
LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Radway at the Ransom Center, February 2001; Dan Jacobson at the Ransom Center, April 2001; Jody Conradt, April 2001; Shia Barnett, February 2001. Photographs by Pete Smith and Steve Wilson.

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