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Summer 2002 Newsletter

Building Construction "On-Time" and "On-Budget"



© Frank Yezer 2002


Except for the occasional class that arrives to visit the now demolished galleries of the Blanton Museum of Art, almost everyone knows we are reconstructing the first two floors of the Ransom Center. And all of us living in this building know that that means work crews are engaged on all eight levels from the basement to the roof. Not much is spared as crews stringing cable, laying conduit or modifying ductwork move up and down HVAC chases, elevator shafts, and stairwells, and into offices, stack areas, laboratories and reading rooms. Scheduled for late this year, the completion of this work will see a new theater, new galleries, consolidated research facilities, a sprinkler system for the basement and first two floors, standpipes for sprinkling the upper floors, pressurized stairwells, new elevators, new smoke and fire dampers, a new and comprehensive security system, a grand stairwell, the largest and most beautiful etched glass corners on the entire campus—and etched glass panels with signatures from stars of the Ransom Center collections surrounding the new doorway. The project has been wondrous to watch and has provided a continuous symphony of amazing sounds for the enjoyment of researchers and staff. The conscientious concern for the well-being and convenience of the staff and for the operations of the Center shown by our construction team and the many trades engaged in our project has been remarkable. But more than remarkable, the project remains "on-time" and "on-budget."  

James Stroud
Chief Conservation Officer

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