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Summer 2002 Newsletter

Ransom Center Research Fellowships 2002-2003


Eve Arnold, Marilyn Monroe Reading Ulysses,
Long Island, New York, 1954.

Providing access to collections for the purposes of discovering and disseminating knowledge is one of the Ransom Center's highest priorities. To promote such substantial scholarly work in the Center's collection, in 1989 incoming director Thomas F. Staley initiated a plan to develop a strong research agenda. The Research Fellowship Program is an integral part of this institutional initiative. The fellowship program was also an imperative response to the clear need of scholars for financial support. Eroding budgets have been curtailing programs that support research, especially in the humanities. Scholars have simply been unable to find adequate funds to support their work, a fact documented by the large number of scholars' requests for financial assistance that had been received by the Ransom Center prior to the creation of the fellowship program.

The basic premise of a residential fellowship program is that scholars will best be served by being provided the opportunity to conduct on-site work in the archives. The very nature of unique, primary-source materials require that they be examined firsthand, in the context of the archive as a whole, with attention paid to colors of ink and types of paper, to erasures, and seemingly meaningless doodles and drawings. With the continued growth of the program, and increasing quality of the projects submitted, the Ransom Center continues to lead in the field of scholarly support.

The award year 2002-2003 saw a surge in applications received and a greater number of fellowships, and monies, awarded than ever before. It's with great pleasure that we welcome our thirty-eight newly designated Ransom Center Fellows for 2002-2003.

Debbie Armstrong

Scott, Ashley, University of Newcastle
"Early Modernism and the Avant-Garde Salon in London"

Claudia Barnett, Middle Tennessee State University
"After Autobiography: Adrienne Kennedy's Alexander Plays"

Rebecca Beasley, The University of London
"Ezra Pound and the Visual Culture of Modernism"

Megan Benton, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma
"Book Love, Book Lust: The Cultural Erotics of the Elite Book, 1880-1940"

Edward Bishop, University of Alberta
"Modernism and the Materialities of the Archive"

Scott Black, Villanova University
"History of the Essay in English, 1600-1750"

Mark Bland, Open University, Milton Keynes
"Jonson's Visible Signs"

Julie F. Codell, Arizona State University, Tempe
"Hands Across the Empire: Empire Cinema in Britain and the U.S., 1930-1940"

Lisa Cohen, Independent scholar, U.S.
"In Their Own Fashion"

Matt Cook, University of Keele
"Life-writing, Sex Lives, and the Diaries and Scrapbooks of George Ives"

Nicholas Daly, Trinity College, Dublin
"Up to Speed: Literature, Technology and Modernization"

Geoffrey V.Davis, University of Aachen
"Exiles, Expatriates and Migrants in the Literature of South Africa"

Robert L. Dawson, The University of Texas at Austin
"Books Across the Channel: Aspects of the French and British Booktrades During the Long Eighteenth Century"

Maud Ellmann, King's College Cambridge
"Elizabeth Bowen: The Shadow Across the Page"

Philip W. Errington, University of London
"John Masefield -- A Bibliography"

David J. Getsy, Courtauld Institute of Art
"Eric Gill, Inscription, and Actuality: Materiality and Representation in the Theories of English Modernist Sculpture"

Richard Greene, University of Toronto
"Edith Sitwell: A Life"

Selina Hastings, Independent scholar U.K.
Somerset Maugham papers as part of a critical biography, W. Somerset Maugham

Nancy Henry, Binghamton University
"Women and Investment in the Nineteenth Century"

Catherine W. Hollis, Lawrence University
"Do-It-Yourself Modernism: Women and Literary Production"

John Iverson, University of Missouri, Columbia
"Research on Voltaire in the Desmond Flower Voltaire Collection"

J. Gerald Kennedy, Lousiana State University
"Inventing America's Narrative: Literary Nationalism in the Age of Poe"

Morine Krissdóttir, Independent scholar, U.K.
Examination of the John Cowper Powys manuscripts and family letters in the Powys Collection

Christopher LeCluyse, The University of Texas at Austin
"Pseudo-Jerome, De generibus musicorum in HRHRC MS 29"

Nicolas P. Maffei, Royal College of Art, London
"Modernist Design and the Image of the Practical Visionary: Norman Bel Geddes, 1893-1958"

J.C.C. Mays, University College Dublin
"Edition of Yeats-Moore play, Diarmuid and Grania"

Karl Orend, Independent scholar, France
"Henry Miller in the Wake of the Lost Generation"

Bobbi Owen, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
"Theatrical Design in the U.S.: The Role of Norman Bel Geddes and the 'New American Stagecraft.'"

Makarand R. Paranjape, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
"Literary Modernism in India with Special References to R.K. Narayan, Dom Moraes, and Anita Desai"

Roxana Preda, John F. Kennedy Institute
"Ezra Pound's Economic Correspondence 1933-1945"

Alan Rauch, Georgia Institute of Technology
"Private Reading, Public Knowledge: Science and Popular Discourse in 19th Century Britain"

Lois Rudnick, University of Massachusetts, Boston
"New Edition of Alice Corbin Henderson's Red Earth"

Kay H. Smith, Appalachian State University
"Burgess's Shakespeare: In the Archives"

Peter Alexander Swaab, University College London
"Editing the Selected Works of Sara Coleridge"

Robert W.Trogdon, Kent State University
"Joseph Conrad: A Descriptive Bibliography"

Gay Wachman, SUNY, College at Old Westbury
"Biography of Sylvia Townsend Warner"

James G. Watson, University of Tulsa
"Peter Matthiessen Archive: The Late Fiction"

Tricia Welsch, Bowdoin College
"Glory: The Life and Times of Gloria Swanson"

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