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Fall 2003 Newsletter

Goodbye to Sally Leach


The Ransom Center bid farewell to one of its longest serving and most beloved staff members with a retirement party for Sally S. Leach, associate director, on July 30, 2003. The party, attended by the entire Ransom Center staff, family, friends, and several notable individuals from the university community, was held in the new lobby of the Center. It was a most appropriate venue since Ms. Leach, together with the Conservation Officer, James Stroud, spearheaded all phases of the reconstruction of the Ransom Center and served as chief liaison between the architects, contractors and administration.

A native of Amarillo, Texas, Sally Leach came to The University of Texas at Austin in 1953. She was a student in the new Plan II program -- studying with Dr. Harry Huntt Ransom -- and received her BA degree in 1957. Following her husband Tom's service in the U.S. Navy and the birth of two sons, she returned to the university in the early 1960s and received her graduate degree in Library Science in 1965. That same year she joined the staff of the Humanities Research Center, having been recruited by June Moll.

In her more than 37 years of employment with the Ransom Center, Sally Leach has served in a variety of significant positions and on a large number of key projects. Besides directing the critical Public Use Committee, she was a valuable member of such important undertakings as Planning and Design for the new space and, of course, the Administrative Committee. She served under Dr. Ransom as well as all four of the Center's past and present directors-an accomplishment few others have approached. And, perhaps most importantly, Sally has been an invaluable supervisor, advisor and leader for a significant percentage of the entire Ransom Center staff throughout the past four decades.

Following her retirement, Sally Leach and her husband will divide their time between Austin and Australia to be near their children and grandchildren in both locations. Sally leaves behind many close friends and a distinguished and unequalled career in the administration, growth, and excellence of the Ransom Center and The University of Texas at Austin.  

-Roy Flukinger

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