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Spring 2003 Newsletter

Warmest Thanks for a Cool Donation


Technicians from EJS Systems install a donated
freezer. 2003. Photo by Eric Beggs.

Ransom Center recently got the cold treatment from EJS Systems, Inc. of Stafford, Texas, and we couldn't be more thankful.

EJS Systems, Inc., which designs and manufactures environmental rooms for research and industry throughout the United States and overseas, has kindly donated a 1000 cubic foot freezer to the Ransom Center and UT General Libraries for use in preserving books damaged by environment or insects for cataloging. The Center and General Libraries have used other freezers on campus in the past (in dormitories during student vacation times), but these facilities are no longer available. This freezer donation fills a need for on-campus insect eradication and disaster facilities.

This donation is the result of an ongoing relationship between EJS Systems and The University of Texas. Since the late 1980s, EJS has built environmental rooms for freezing, incubation, testing, and other purposes, and has made control panels for various institutions in The University of Texas System, including the medical branches. They designed the control panel and built the insulated walls of the existing Ransom Center nitrate vault, our storage unit for delicate materials.

The Ransom Center would like to extend its gratitude to Jeff Hunt and EJS Systems forthe kind donation of this tool which further serves to enhance the abilities of our institution.  


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