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Spring 2004 Newsletter

Committees to Chart Center's Course

As staff at the Center continues to adapt to the unprecedented period of transformation that began with the reconstruction of the building and continues with the expanding public presence, the establishment of three external Advisory Council committees will serve to help guide the Center through dialogue with council members and outside resource professionals.

The committees have been formed to provide direction in the areas of Development, Digitization, and Marketing and Public Affairs, and each includes staff representatives in addition to external members. The Development Committee has been charged to generate strategies, ideas, and directions for development initiatives, and includes members Lowell Lebermann (Chair), Frank Calhoun, Nancy Inman, Richard Lowenstern, James Price, Nancy Scanlan, Mickey Schwartz, and James Kunetka (UT Office of Resource Development). Marketing and Public Affairs Committee members Gene Cooke (Chair), Tom Borders, Greg Curtis, Rick Hardin, Randall Lane, Yvonne Tocquiny, Tom Spenser (Austin PBS affiliate KLRU), and David Holston (UT Office of Public Affairs) will assess the viability of current policies, and assist in the development and implementation of new plans for broadening public awareness of the Center and its collections. Members of the Digitization Committee will work to enhance the Center's capacity for sharing its intellectual, literary, and artistic treasure though creative and skillful use of digital technologies. Its members include Jon Sedmak (Chair), Shrub Kempner, Mary Margaret Farabee, Don Linn, and Mark Petersen (UT Austin Resource Development).

It is our hope that the work of these committees will serve to acknowledge what works best for the Ransom Center, to improve what is lacking, and to provide innovative ideas and practical support for future endeavors.  

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