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Spring 2004 Newsletter

Et Ceterata


Scene from Mildred Pierce (1945). (l to r) Ann Blyth,
Zachary Scott and Joan Crawford.

In 1945, Joan Crawford (born Lucille Fay LeSueur on March 23, 1906, in San Antonio, Texas) starred in the Warner Brothers movie Mildred Pierce. Based on James M. Cain's novel and directed by Michael Curtiz (who also directed Casablanca), Mildred Pierce is the story of a woman who rises from waitress to restaurateur to socialite to murder suspect, all the while loving and overindulging her spoiled daughter Veda (played by Ann Blyth). The cast also includes Zachary Scott (born February 24, 1917, in Austin, Texas, and a portion of whose papers reside at the Ransom Center) as playboy Monty Beragon, who sets Mildred up in the restaurant business. Joan Crawford earned an Academy Award for her portrayal of Mildred Pierce.

The beige-yellow and brown checkered waitress dress and movie still photograph are from the Ransom Center Film Collection.  

-Darnelle Vanghel

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