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Spring 2004 Newsletter

Member Recognition

The Ransom Center Recognizes and Thanks the Following Individuals for Their Generosity and Support of Our 2003 Membership Program.

Director's Society

Jamie Anderson
Susan Barry
Jack Blanton
Malcolm K. Brachman
Clara W. Cargile
Eleanor Butt Crook
William H. and Isabella Cunningham
Peter and Priscilla Flawn
Patricia Fleming
Jane and Brian Greig
Tevis Grinstead and Marilee Wood
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Hall
Whit and Alison Hanks
Dr. Robert L. Hardesty
Margaret Hight
Drs. Robert and Karen King
Ronya Kozmetsky
Thomas J. Meredith
Marlene Meyerson
George H. Mitchell
J. Sam Moore, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. R.
Clayton Mulford
Gordon B. Peacock
Del and Leona Renfroe
The Honorable and Mrs. John Sharp
Max and Gene Sherman
C. Aubrey Smith
Julie Tereshchuk and Trevor Richards
Fred W. Todd
Neal and Adrienne Watt
Robert and Laura Wilson
George M. and Mary Gail Woodman


Valerie and Sam Dunnam
David S. and Betty H. Evans
Don Hale
Adron Harris and Diane Snell
Bill Head and Patricia Winston
G. Walter and Lillian Loewenbaum
Richard Alan and Eileen Crandall Luecke
Alan H. Minter
William and Beverly O'Hara
Carl Pforzheimer III
Kyle and Leanne Read
Patricia Spurr
Cynthia and Lowell Williams


Douglas Laycock and Teresa Sullivan
Tom and Pam Luce
Laurence D. Miller, III


Linda Aaker and Bob Armstrong
Nancy Abington
Robert H. Abzug
Dr. Alexandra Albright
D. Blakeley Alexander
Anton and Carla Allen
Julia Anders
Tom Anders
Jean Andrews
Victor L. and Marie Arnold
Zelda Austen and Arthur Gubernick
Robert and Lorraine Ball
Sam and Carol Barclay
Dr. Richard and Elaine Barham
Thomas W. and Mitzi R. Barker
Dr. Warner J. Barnes
Frank and Susan Bash
Michael N. Bass
Becky Beaver and John Duncan
Linda Benge and Paul Robshaw
Melanie Bernstein
Drs. Wailand and Authella Bessent
Terrell and Dorothy Blodgett
Dr. Henry and Theodora Boehm
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Bordie
Dr. Mildred Boyer
William R. Braisted
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Braziel
Paula and Otis Brinkley
Pat Brown
Howard E. Brunson
Thais Freda Bullard
Ann and Roy Butler
Margaret W. Cardwell
Cheryl Carrabba
James E. and Gwen Carter
Larry and Jill Carver
Mary Catlin and David Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Christensen
Ethel and Paul Coke
D. Scott Collier and Kala Philo
Becky and Jerry Conn
Robert James Coote
Barry A. Cotton
Gary and Beverly Cowsert
Jack and Joanne Crosby
Ann L. Daughety
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Davis
Margaret Denena and Clifford Knowles
Robert and Julia Englert
Norman and Cora Farmer
John P. Farrell
Dr. Sam and Maydell Fason
Paula Fontaine-Haake
Dr. Richard Fonte
Pamela Frager
Steven and Judith Franden
Jerry Galow and Barbara Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. William
Gammon III
Drs. Thomas and Elizabeth Richmond-Garza
Bobby and Diane Gierisch
Cab and Mary Gilbreath
Dr. and Mrs. William Glade
Jerry and Diane Grammer
Michele Grieshaber
Mark J. Gude and Nora Fitzgerald
Freda K. Hamric
Dr. John H. and Mrs. Judith Harrison
Sarah Harvey
Martha F. Hilley
Joanna Hitchcock
Wayne and Joan Holtzman
Jo Ann Howard
Thomas Inman
Gaylord and JoAnn Jentz
Roger Joseph
John and Catherine Keller
David and Hayley Killam
Alfred and Ellen King
Carter and Marillo King
John O. Kirkpatrick
Robert and Betty Knight
J.B. and Carolyn Kraft
Karen Kuykendall
Emily Lake
Sally and Tom Leach
Terri LeClercq and Jack Getman
Michael Livingston
Pat Livingston
James and Laurel Loehlin
Shanny Lott
Kathryn Lougheed
Dr. Francis McIntyre
James K. McLaren
Marshall and Sharon Meece
Paul Mitchell and Alison Macor
Dr. Sidney Monas
Mrs. Dan Moody, Jr.
Don B. and Mary W. Morgan
Don Mullins
Liz Murray
M. Rae Nadler-Olenick
Jeanette and Ferris Nassour
Marvin Nathan
Beth and Gary Oliver
Robert and Virginia Oram
Karen Oswalt
Thomas F. and Margaret Overlander
Dr. and Mrs. Theo Painter
Jane and William Pollard
Olivia Primaris and Christopher Hynes
John Drew and Mary M. Racine
Dr. John W. Ramzy
Clare and Jack Ratliff
Chuck Rice and Jennifer Ransom
Patricia L. Roberts
Douglass and Shirley Rogers
Tam and John Rogers
Jack and Alana Rosshirt
Marshall and Sandra Sack
Dave D. and Connie Saathoff
Frances and Pieter Schenkkan
George Seagert
Jack and Sue Seriff
Sander W. and Lottie Shapiro
Molly and Ed Sharpe
Josephine Sherfy
Allan Shivers, Jr.
Ronald and Anna Kay Smith
Robert F. Smith
Nancy Jo Spaulding
Larry Speck
Neal Spelce
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Staley
Susan and Richard Stark
Dr. James Stephens, Jr.
Erik Bradford Stocker
Gay and Sam Stone
William Stott
Rodney and Gail Susholtz
Ellen C. Temple
Myra Tenney
John B. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Tisdale
Gregory Walker
Maria X. Wells
Sue Worthing White
Judith Wilkerson
Rose Betty Williams
Jay and Cathy Willmann
Jay and Cathy Wilson
Nancy Wood
Eleanor C. Wright
Robert E. Wyatt
Paul and Patricia Youngdale


Ada D. Allen
Raye Virginia Allen
Ada C. Anderson
Linda Ashton
Donald E. Baldovin
Patricia Bennett
Tom Best
Dr. Betsy L. Bowman
Mary Ann Bowman
E.O. Box, Jr.
Barbara Brown
Martha B. Campbell
Suzanne Casey
Bridget Cave
Nicholas W. Classen
Frances F. Cushing
Susan S. Dudley
Gloria Evans
Julie Farias
William Kelly Fearing
Jo Ellen Finley
Chandler Ford
Oliver Franklin
Dr. Carol Whitcraft Fredericks
Mary Nell Frucella
Bob Fuentes
Steven G. Galpern
Elizabeth Garver
Evelyn Gidden
Gail Giebink
Janet Gilles
Barbara Glazer
Dr. William H. Goetzmann
Warren Gould
Ann S. Graham
Kenneth M. Grant
Dr. Cecil Hale
Mary Alice Harper
Richard Allen Harsch
Cathy Henderson
Lewis Hoffacker
Virginia L. Houston
Clare R. Hudspeth
Ellen M. Hughes
Meta Butler Hunt
Rita Allen Idson
Anne H. Isenhower
Ingrid Johnson
Stephan and Janice Lee Johnson
H. Bryce Jordan
Kris Kiesling
George Kitzmiller
Ernest Lehman
Michael R. Levy
Nathan D. Levy
Beverly Lewellen
Neil Loewenstern
Alice Lynch
Mary Luzius
Dr. Carol MacKay
Erin Murphy Matthews
Mrs. Wilbur L. Matthews, Jr.
Nancy R. McAdams
Ann Megaw
Fran Magee
Steve Magee
Susan C. McClellan
Melba R. Medford
Sue Meller
Deena H. Mersky
Roy and Rosemary Mersky
Diane Miller
Jan Moeller
Mary Morse
Lexie Murrary
Daniel Alberto Naranjo
Mary Sue Neilson
Dr. Marion Oettinger, Jr.
Todd Ollendorff
Richard and Conna Oram
Ann N. Paterra
J.A. "Allie" Plunk
Nina Ransom
Marilyn Reeder
Julia Schuler
Amelia Rey-Shannon
Fred Richardson
James R. Roach
Jan J. Roberts
William Blake Rodriguez
Charles Ruitz
Barbara Rudd
Byron "Buddy" Schilling
Nicolette A. Schneider
Julia Schuler
Glen G. Shuffler
Peter C. Selig
Lois C. Sheffield
Tom Shelton
Koren Sherrill
Joan M. Sibley
Audrey Slate
The Honorable Bea Ann Smith
Ellen Smith
Bartholomew Sparrow
Helen C. Spear
Mary Gordon Spence
Katherine Staples
Dorothy J. Sullivan
Janice Summer
Jean Townsend
Jeanne B. Vier
Suzanne R. Weinstein
Frankie W. Westbrook
Dr. and Mrs. George Willeford, III
Ruby Willmann
James I. Wimsatt
Carl Woodring
Betsy Young
Sharon Young
Daniel Zmud

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