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Spring 2005 Newsletter

The Gutenberg Bible in the 21st Century


The Ransom Center has commemorated the 550th anniversary of the printing of its rare copy of the Gutenberg Bible with the release of a CD-ROM edition of the two-volume icon. Acknowledged as a landmark in the history of printing, the Gutenberg Bible is the first surviving book printed with movable type.

The CD-ROM edition incorporates high-definition and enlargeable images of each of the Gutenberg Bible's 1,282 pages. The high quality and resolution allow easy viewing of such minute details as a strand of the papermaker's hair embedded in the fibers of a page.

The images in the CD-ROM edition resulted from a recent rescanning of the book and are of higher resolution than those found on the Center's Web site.

The two-disk set may be used on both Windows and Macintosh computers and retails from The University of Texas Press for $39.95.

Acquired by The University of Texas at Austin in 1978, the Bible is on permanent display in the Ransom Center lobby.  

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