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Spring 2005 Newsletter

Member Recognition


(Partial Listing at Time of Printing)


Mr. and Mrs. John Cargile
Mr. W. Lee Choate
Ms. JoAnne Christian
Mr. and Mrs. Joe W. Christie
Drs. William and Isabella Cunningham
Mr. John R. Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. I.D. Flores III
Dr. and Mrs. Michael G. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Whit H. Hanks
Dr. Robert L. Hardesty
Ms. Patricia Hart
Ms. Margaret Hight
Drs. Robert and Karen King
Dr. and Mrs. William S. Livingston
Dr. Wm. Roger and Mrs. Dagmar Louis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Luellen
Mr. Gilbert Lang Mathews
Ms. Marlene N. Meyerson
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. J. Sam Moore, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Clayton Mulford
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Peacock
Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Sarosdy
Mr. and Mrs. Max Sherman
Mr. Sid Shiff
Mr. C. Aubrey Smith, Jr.
Dr. Lewis G. Smith III
Mr. Lawrence W. Speck
Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Talley
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Temple
Ms. Julie Tereshchuk and
Dr. Trevor Richards
Mr. and Mrs. H. Grant Thomas, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Watt
Ms. Oprah Winfrey
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Wright, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Woodman


Dr. and Mrs. Richard Barham
Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Blodgett
Mrs. Eleanor B. Crook
Mr. Donald A. Hale
Mr. William T. Head, Jr. and Ms. Patricia E. Winston
Mrs. Ronya Kozmetsky
Mrs. Lillian Loewenbaum
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark McLaughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Melton
Mr. and Mrs. William P. O'Hara
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Overlander
Mrs. Patricia O. Spurr
Mr. Fred W. Todd


Mr. Bill Bassett
Drs. Wailand and Authella Bessent
Mr. Luke Bilberry
Ms. Barbara V. Brown
Mr. Michael Calvello
Dr. and Mrs. Paul T. Coke
Mr. Bill Cotter
Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Crosby
Mr. and Mrs. Sam E. Dunnam
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Evans
Mrs. Marialice S. Ferguson
Mr. Joseph M. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. William Gammon III
Mrs. Sarah Harvey
Mr. and Mrs. H. David Herndon
Dr. George S. Heyer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Jastrow II
Mr. Lawrence T. Jones III
Mr. Douglas Laycock and Dr. Teresa Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Kerry G. Merritt
Mr. Don R. Mullins, Jr.
Mr. Thomas A. Munnerlyn
Mr. and Mrs. Ferris P. Nassour
Ms. Billie L. Passmore
Mr. Clinton Regelin
Mr. Robert M. Schmidt and Ms. Susan H. Denn
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. J. Sam Winters
Mr. Lance Worley


Drs. Robert H. Abzug and Penne Restad
Mr. D. Blake Alexander
Dr. John S. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Victor L. Arnold
Ms. Zelda Austen and
Mr. Arthur Gubernick
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Ball
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Barclay
Dr. and Mrs. Frank N. Bash
Mr. Michael Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baucum
Ms. Linda Benge and Mr. Paul Robshaw
Ms. Mary Beth Bigger
Dr. and Mrs. Henry J. Boehm
Mr. and Mrs. John Bordie
Mr. and Mrs. John Braziel
Mr. and Mrs. Otis H. Brinkley
Mr. and Mrs. Roy A. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Carlson
Ms. Cheryl Carrabba
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Carver
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Cline
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Conn
Mr. Don Crowell
Ms. Ann L. Daughety
Dr. Beatriz de la Garza
Ms. Margaret Denena and
Mr. Clifford Knowles
The Honorable and Mrs. Joe B. Dibrell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Epstein
Dr. and Mrs. Norman K. Farmer, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Sam Fason
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Flawn
Ms. Chandler Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Franden
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Frary
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Gaston
Mr. and Mrs. Bobby M. Gierisch
Mr. and Mrs. Cab Gilbreath
Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Giles
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Giles
Dr. Robert Adron Harris and Ms. Diane Snell
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Harrison IV
Mr. Ralph Hasson and Ms. Mary Beth Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Heller
Ms. Cathy Henderson and Mr. Jim Stroud
Mr. Rodney B. Higdon
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne H. Holtzman
Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Hughes
Dr. and Mrs. Gaylord A. Jentz
Mr. Bryce Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Keller
Mr. and Mrs. David Killam
Dr. and Mrs. Shannon Kratzer
Mr. Carlton M. Lake
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Leach
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Leatherwood
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford Levinson
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Lilly
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Loehlin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Alan Luecke
Ms. Alice A. Lynch
Dr. Hans Mark
Ms. Elizabeth A. McGiffert
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Meece
Mr. Paul Mitchell and Dr. Alison Macor
Mrs. Eliza Wolcott Morehead
The Honorable and Mrs. Don B. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin D. Nathan
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Noxon
Mr. and Mrs. C. Patrick Oles, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Oliver
Mr. Clas G. Olsson
Dr. and Mrs. Rich Oram
Mr. Robert W. Oram
Mrs. Virginia W. Oram
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Pennebaker
Dr. Ron Policy
Ms. Olivia Primanis and Mr. Christopher Hynes
Mr. and Mrs. John Drew Racine Prof. and Dr. Jack Ratliff, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Read
Ms. Pamela G. Reed
Dr. and Mrs. Douglass M. Rogers
Ms. Tam Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rosshirt
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Rove
Mr. and Mrs. Dave D. Saathoff
Mr. and Mrs. P.M. Schenkkan
Dr. and Mrs. John P. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. George Seagert
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Seriff
Mr. and Mrs. Sander W. Shapiro
Ms. Josephine C. Sherfy
Mr. Allan Shivers, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Shuffler
Ms. Joan Sibley and Mr. Lee Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Evan A. Smith
Mr. Robert F. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Spaulding
Mr. Erik B. Stocker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Suman, Jr.
Mrs. Ellen C. Temple
Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Tenney III
Ms. Helen L. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Tisdale, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Titche
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Volk
Mrs. Debra Watkins
Ms. Sharon J. Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Wells
Mr. and Mrs. James Whatley
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Willmann
Mrs. Nancy Hollowell Wood
Mr. J. Howard Woolmer
Mr. Robert E. Wyatt


Ms. Linda Aaker
Ms. Helen Adair
Ms. Alexandra W. Albright
Mrs. Ada C. Anderson
Mr. James L. Arth
Ms. Linda Ashton
Mr. Donald E. Baldovin
Ms. Martha S. Banister
Ms. Becky Beaver
Ms. Kate Bergquist
Mr. Tom Best
Mrs. Mary Ann Bowman
Dr. Mildred V. Boyer
Dr. William R. Braisted
Mrs. Patricia H. Brown
Ms. Martha B. Campbell
Dr. Richard Campbell
Mrs. Margaret W. Cardwell
Mrs. Suzanne B. Casey
Ms. Jeannette S. Cook
Mr. Robert J. Coote
Ms. Colleen Daly
Ms. Marion Wier DeFord
Ms. Ingrid Devilliers
Ms. Maria Luisa Echavarria
Ms. Pamela E. Ferguson
Mrs. Jo Ellen Finley
Ms. Shirley Franklin
Ms. Elizabeth Garver
Mr. Rodney Gibbs
Ms. Gail Giebink
Ms. Ann S. Graham
Mr. Kenneth M. Grant
Mr. Warren Gould
Dr. Cecil H. Hale
Ms. Sara Hays
Dr. Malone V. Hill, Jr.
Ms. Martha F. Hilley
Mr. Lewis Hoffacker
Mrs. Virginia L. Houston
Mr. Thomas C. Inman
Mrs. Claudia T. Johnson
Mrs. Janice Lee Johnson
Ms. Margaret Keys
Mrs. Kris Kiesling
Mrs. M.D. Kingsbery
Mr. John Kirkpatrick
Ms. Karen Kuykendall
Ms. Emily W. Lake
Mr. Jack Lapin
Ms. Helen H. Lea
Mr. James H. Leech III
Mr. Michael Levy
Mr. Nathan D. Levy
Ms. Beverly Lewellen
Mrs. Joan Clay Lowe
Mrs. Mary Luzius
Ms. Susan C. McClellan
Ms. Deena H. Mersky
Mr. Richard W. Meyer
Ms. Sharon L. Miller
Mr. Jan C. Moeller
Dr. Sidney Monas
Mrs. Dan Moody, Jr.
Mr. Thomas J. Moran
Mrs. Mary Morse
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Murray
Mr. Dan A. Naranjo
Ms. Mary Sue Neilson
Dr. Marion Oettinger, Jr.
Ms. Ann N. Paterra
Mr. Charles H. Raitz
Dr. John Ramzy
Ms. Amelia Rey-Shannon
Mr. James R. Roach
Mrs. Jan J. Roberts
Mrs. Patricia L. Roberts
Mrs. Barbara D. Ruud
Ms. Catherine Schneider
Ms. Julia Schuler
Ms. Lois C. Sheffield
Ms. Koren Sherrill
Dr. Audrey N. Slate
The Honorable Bea Ann Smith
Ms. Ellen N. Smith
Dr. Bartholomew Sparrow
Mrs. Helen C. Spear
Ms. Carrie Staley
Mr. Tim Staley
Mr. Adam L. Stephens
Mr. James F.M. Stephens, Jr.
Ms. Mary C. Stephenson
Mrs. Jane K. Stott
Ms. Lisa K. Talen
Mrs. Jean Townsend
Mrs. Zula W. Vizard
Mr. Gregory A. Walker
Ms. Suzanne Weinstein
Ms. Ruby Willmann
Mr. Carl Woodring
Mrs. E. Custis Wright
Ms. Betsy B. Young
Mrs. Sharon Young

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