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Summer 2006 Newsletter

Molly Schwartzburg joins Ransom Center as Curator of British and American Literature


The Ransom Center announces the appointment of Dr. Molly Schwartzburg as Curator of British and American Literature.

Schwartzburg arrives at the Center after teaching in the Program in Structured Liberal Education at Stanford University as a Post-Doctoral Fellow. The program allows both professors and students to embrace multiple disciplines, such as political science, literature, and philosophy, while exploring great books of civilization chronologically.

She earned her Ph.D. in English and American Literature from Stanford in 2004, with a specialization in modern and contemporary poetry and the avant-garde. She worked in university libraries throughout her education—first as an undergraduate at Harvard and later as a graduate student at both the University of Colorado, where she received her M.A., and at Stanford.

Throughout her career, Schwartzburg has embraced an interdisciplinary approach that explores both literature and the visual arts. In her research on contemporary artists' books, works that blend together art and the written word, questions often arise over where such works belong. But the Ransom Center helps solve that dilemma for her.

"The best thing about the Ransom Center is that it lies somewhere between a library and a museum," says Schwartzburg. "Institutional barriers are dissolved here between literature and visual art, allowing audiences to think comparatively."

Schwartzburg replaces John Kirkpatrick, who served as the Ransom Center's Curator of British and American Literature for almost 35 years before retiring in 2005.  

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