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Summer 2006 Newsletter

Sebastian Barry Visits Ransom Center

Barry Audio Clips
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Barry Interview

Sebastian Barry chats with Carmel Borders, a member of the Gala Committee for the Ransom Center's 50th Anniversary.

Barry answers questions about his collection from Ransom Center archivist Gabriela Redwine, who has been cataloging his collection.


Barry looks over a paper from his collection
at the Ransom Center.

Barry and Ransom Center Director Tom Staley.


A copy of a photo of Barry from a 1983
book jacket is held up next to him.

All photos by Eric Beggs

Barry looks over a book jacket for Time Out
of Mind
, which was published in 1983, from
his archive at the Ransom Center.


Barry talks with Tom Borders, Chair of the Ransom
Center Advisory Council, during a tour of the
Technologies of Writing exhibition.

Barry looks over Jean Cocteau's address book, part of the Carlton Lake collection, with Joan Sibley, who oversees archiving and cataloging at the Ransom Center.


Barry signs the "authors' door" at the Ransom Center.

Barry's signature from the "authors' door" at the Ransom Center.

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