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Spring 2007 Newsletter

Recent Acquisitions

Typed letter

Memo from Evelyn Waugh to Time magazine,
dated December 16, 1942, correcting the
reporter's inaccuracies in a story about Waugh
in the July 12, 1942 issue.

"There is no secret about my place of birth," blustered Evelyn Waugh in a 1948 memorandum to Time magazine, "but I refuse to answer impertinent questions on the telephone from unknown young women on Sunday evenings." The corrected typescript of this characteristic effusion is one of the items recently acquired from the extensive Waugh collection of Ransom Center Advisory Council member Sam Radin.

The most significant item in the collection, a gift from Mr. Radin, is the suppressed pamphlet An Open Letter to His Eminence the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster (1933). Waugh wrote the booklet as a reply to Catholic critics of his controversial novel Black Mischief. At the time the novelist was pursuing an ecclesiastical annulment of his first marriage, and he was convinced to withdraw the Open Letter from circulation. Perhaps six copies survived; the pamphlet, however, became so scarce that Waugh had to purchase one for his own library in the 1950s. Today, this very copy is the only one known to exist. It now joins the original manuscript of the pamphlet already at the Ransom Center. The new arrival also completes the collection of Waugh's separately published works at the Center.

Other items acquired from Radin's library include several letters by Waugh and proof copies of Waugh novels, including a bound, corrected proof of A Handful of Dust and galleys of the American edition of his masterpiece, Brideshead Revisited.

—Richard Oram

Other recent acquisitions include:

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