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Fall 2008 Newsletter

The Mike Wallace Interview

Mike Wallace and Salvador Dali. Click to enlarge.

Mike Wallace interviewing Salvador Dali on
The Mike Wallace Interview, April 19, 1958.
© Mike Wallace.

Broadcast journalist Mike Wallace's interviews from the television program The Mike Wallace Interview, which ran for two seasons in 1957 and 1958, are now available online.

In the early 1960s, Wallace donated to the Ransom Center the show's interviews on 16mm kinescope. Most of the episodes have not been seen since they aired. "It was a fascinating time and they were fascinating people, but I never thought 50 years ago that they would live beyond the hour that they existed back then," said Wallace. "Today they are still relevant. The people may be different, but the issues they face are the same."

Interview subjects included some of the most interesting and important people of the day, including Justice William O. Douglas, Frank Lloyd Wright, Pearl Buck, Salvador Dali, Oscar Hammerstein, and Henry Kissinger.

Watch the individual interviews

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