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Spring 2008 Newsletter

Scholarly Publications

There is a long history of celebrated works that resulted from research conducted in the Ransom Center's collections. Some recent publications follow.

Book Cover

George Hutchinson
In Search of Nella Larsen

(Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 2006)

Born to a Danish seamstress and a black West Indian cook in one of the Western Hemisphere's most infamous vice districts, Nella Larsen (1891-1964) lived her life in the shadows of America's racial divide. She wrote about that life, was briefly celebrated in her time, then was lost to later generations—only to be rediscovered and hailed by many as the best black novelist of her generation.

Hutchinson consulted the Alfred A. Knopf records in preparing this book

Book Cover

Peter Davison
The Lost Orwell

(London: Timewell Press Limited, 2006)

Peter Davison's 20-volume edition of The Complete Works of George Orwell was published to international acclaim in 1998. The Lost Orwell assembles all the new material discovered in the past eight years—a treasure trove of letters and documents that will substantially redefine our image of one of the twentieth century's most important writers.

This book includes six letters discovered by Gordon Bowker in the John Courtenay Trewin collection.

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Heather Walker
Roses and Rain: A Biography of James Elroy Flecker

(Ely: Melrose Press Limited, 2006)

Roses and Rain is a comprehensive exploration of the life and work of poet, playwright, and novelist James Elroy Flecker. Walker's research provides an insight into not only Flecker's short life but also the lives of other notable contemporaries such as Rupert Brooke, Ronald Firbank, and Lawrence of Arabia. The narrative builds a picture of the formative events in Flecker's life, which enables the reader to observe the evolution of this gifted poet.

Walker used materials from the James Elroy Flecker collection in preparing this biography.

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James Gilbert
Men in the Middle: Searching for Masculinity in the 1950s

(Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2005)

While the 1950s have been popularly portrayed—on television and in the movies and literature—as a conformist and conservative age, the decade is better understood as a revolutionary time for politics, economy, mass media, and family life. Magazines, films, newspapers, and television of the day scrutinized every aspect of this changing society, paying special attention to the lifestyles of the middle-class men and their families who were moving to the suburbs newly springing up outside American cities.

Book Cover

D. Herlin, F. Lesure, & G. Liebert, Eds.
Correspondance (1872-1918)

(Paris: Éditions Gallimard)

Rare are the composers who are also great letter writers. Among the French, Debussy is one. We are able to see Debussy's many facets: the perfectionist musician, the curious and attentive reader, the loyal and amusing friend, and the affectionate father. Even while one cannot darken an existence that has known so much satisfaction and success, the artist's intransigent solitude appears in marked relief.

Herlin used manuscripts from the Carlton Lake collection while producing annotations and introductory remarks for this publication.

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