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Fall 2011 Newsletter

How Has Being a Member of the Ransom Center Inspired You?

Typewriter platen. Click to enlarge.

Cylinder from the typewriter Norman Mailer used to write The Naked and the Dead.

"I saw the platen from Norman Mailer's typewriter on a recent tour. It's made of wood, and certain areas, like where the "E" key would strike, were all worn out. The ferocity of his prose and his determination to write were made visible on that platen. I went home and dragged out my electric typewriter from 30 years ago, a Smith/Corona. It still worked. I found cartridges on eBay and have been sending out a few typewritten letters. Writing is made so much more tangible because of the key striking the paper. If I hadn't seen that platen, I don't think I would have dusted off that Corona."

—Dr. Brett Westbrook, Ransom Center Member

To hear from other members and learn about how membership can enhance your own knowledge of art and literature, visit www.hrc.utexas.edu/membership or call 512-232-3669.

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