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Fall 2013 Newsletter

A Farewell from Thomas F. Staley

Thomas F. Staley

Thomas F. Staley. Photo by Marsha Miller.

Larry Faulkner, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, and Thomas F. Staley

Former University of Texas at Austin President Larry Faulkner, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, and Staley, 2005. Photo by Eric Beggs.

Thomas F. Staley, Fleur Cowles, and Tom Stoppard

Staley, Fleur Cowles, and Tom Stoppard during the 1996 Flair Symposium, Shouting in the Evening: British Theater 1956-1996.

Anita Desai and Thomas F. Staley

Anita Desai talks with Staley during a visit to the Ransom Center in 1994.

In my quarter of a century as director of the Ransom Center, I've had much to be grateful for: a deeply supportive administration through four successive presidents, a staff that ranks among the most talented and energetic in the field, and an Advisory Council that has been extraordinarily committed and unfailingly generous.

It is hardly my place to extol the Center's many achievements over these years, but it is fitting to express my gratitude for making my years here so rich and rewarding, and to say thank you to my talented colleagues who have contributed so much to this great institution.

I, of course, must thank Frank Calhoun, who has served as chair of the Advisory Council longer than all but a few of us can remember. I am grateful to President Bill Powers, who of late has been forced to steer the University through a treacherous course between a rock and the whirlpool but has kept his eyes on, among other things, a prize that a president over 50 years ago left for us to cherish—the Harry Ransom Center, a remarkable institution that helps define the mission of this great University: to support culture, literature and the arts, and to benefit not only our students, but our state and nation as well.  

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