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Spring 2013 Newsletter

Director's Note

By Thomas F. Staley

Thomas F. Staley

Thomas F. Staley

The Ransom Center is home not only to a unique and deeply important collection of cultural materials but also to a knowledgeable, highly skilled, and committed staff. Staff members at the Ransom Center are the heart of this institution. They take great pride in their work, and it is through their efforts that the creations of our cultural heritage are collected, preserved, and shared with the public in new and engaging ways. Indeed, our staff members bring life to our collections.

Our curators conscientiously build our collections and interpret them for the community through exhibitions and programming. The behind-the-scenes work of our catalogers and archivists makes it possible for researchers to navigate and study our holdings. Our conservators use sophisticated tools and practices to preserve and care for our collections according to incredibly high standards, ensuring that they can be studied and enjoyed by future generations. Our public services staff facilitates research and educates students about our collections. Our technology and business staffs keep this institution running day to day. Our public affairs and marketing staffs share our efforts with the world. Our development staff raises invaluable resources that ensure the success of so many of our initiatives. Every day, every member of the Ransom Center's staff makes vital contributions to this institution.

Difficult financial times such as those we have confronted over the past several years challenge institutions at their very core. Our staff has been forced to work harder and more efficiently to make up for reductions in resources. This has certainly not been easy. Yet I am amazed and encouraged by the resilience and perseverance of our staff.

It has been a pleasure to walk into this building every day knowing that our institution is staffed by a team of professional, enthusiastic, and dedicated individuals. The Ransom Center's collections are indeed in good hands.  

—Thomas F. Staley

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