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Fall 2015 Newsletter

Highlights in the Growth of the Norman Mailer Archive


A snapshot of Norman Mailer in the army. Unidentified photographer.


Norman Mailer's notes for the Liston-Patterson re-match in Las Vegas on July 22, 1963.

Since its acquisition in 2005, the Norman Mailer archive has seen robust growth. The Ransom Center has continued to build this collection with the addition of everything from sheet music and posters to family letters, boxing gloves, and interview tapes. Here is a sampling of the Mailer acquisitions over the years.


: : The Norman Mailer papers: The acquisition agreement specified that all of Mailer's future papers would come to the Ransom Center as part of the original agreement.

: : Thomas Fiske collection of Norman Mailer: Manuscripts, dust jackets, posters, lobby cards, publicity, poems, sheet music, articles by and about Mailer, correspondence, interviews, campaign materials, photographs, and other materials.

: : Hillary Mills Loomis collection of Norman Mailer: Eighty-two audio cassette tapes recorded by Hilary Mills Loomis while she was researching her 1982 book Mailer: A Biography.

: : Playboy Enterprises Norman Mailer files: Mailer's interactions with and writings published in Playboy between 1962 and 1979.


: : J. Michael Lennon collection of Norman Mailer correspondence: Extensive correspondence between Mailer and his longtime friend and official biographer.

: : Adeline Lubell-Naiman collection of Norman Mailer: Correspondence and writings by Mailer and clippings related to his film Maidstone, acquired from Adeline Lubell-Naiman, who attended college with Mailer's sister and remained a close friend of his family for more than 60 years.


: : Correspondence from Norman Mailer to Susan Abrams: Letters from Mailer to Abrams, former Executive Editor of the University of Chicago Press, covering 1966–1979, together with media notices, flyers, and other documents.

: : Film footage: The first minute and a half of Norman Mailer's first film, an untitled short shot and edited in the months leading up to the publication of The Naked and the Dead.

: : Addition to the papers of Norman Mailer: Research notes and drafts relating to Mailer's final three books, and some correspondence.


: : Molly Malone Cook collection of Norman Mailer: Manuscripts, correspondence, and other papers related to Mailer, acquired from Cook, who worked as his secretary in the 1970s.


: : Correspondence from Mailer to Adele Morales: Letters written by Mailer to his second wife.


: : Correspondence from Norman Mailer to Beatrice Silverman and Susan Mailer: Correspondence and other papers from Mailer to his first wife and his daughter.

: : Papers associated with On God: An Uncommon Conversation: Interview tapes, transcripts, drafts, and other materials associated with this book Mailer coauthored with J. Michael Lennon.

: : Materials from Mailer's Provincetown home: Books, boxing gloves, drawings, photographs, and other items that were kept in Mailer's Provincetown home.

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