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Spring 2015 Newsletter

Recent Acquisitions

Man with hands covering face

An Afghan soldier seen warming his henna-stained hands on the front lines in Zhari District, Kandahar, Afghanistan. 2007 © Louie Palu/ZUMA Press.

Abstract image

Marco Breuer, Untitled (Heat/Gun), 2000. Gelatin silver print, burned, 12.5 x 9.75 inches. © Marco Breuer.

Since the Gernsheim collection was purchased in 1963, the Harry Ransom Center has continued to acquire photographs representing major artistic movements in the medium's history. Recently, in an effort to collect significant photographs created in the 1960s and 1970s, the Ransom Center has acquired the important abstract work Motion-Sound #28 (ca. 1970), by Ralph Eugene Meatyard (American, 1925–1972), and Strip Tease #69 (1966), a vintage print made as part of Ray K. Metzker's (American 1931–2014) well-known Composites project. These photographs, as well as Chicago (1973), by Kenneth Josephson (American, b. 1932), and two photographs from the Cancellations series (1974) by Thomas F. Barrow (American, b. 1938), have been acquired to enhance the Ransom Center's holdings of conceptual photography from the period.

The Ransom Center's effort to represent historical movements extends to the acquisition of important contemporary photography, including a work from the series Heat/Gun (2000) by German artist Marco Breuer (b. 1966). Much like other recent acquisitions of photographs by Alison Rossiter (American, b. 1953) and Chris McCaw (American, b. 1971), Breuer's work links the Ransom Center's strong holdings of early photographic experiments with contemporary practice.

Twelve photographs from the Carpoolers series (2011–2012) by Alejandro Cartagena (Mexican, b. Dominican Republic, 1977) were acquired by the Ransom Center, as were eight photographs documenting the ongoing war in Afghanistan by Louie Palu (Canadian, b. 1968). In addition, the Ransom Center acquired 44 photographs made by Alec Soth (American, b. 1969) during a road trip around Texas with writer Brad Zellar in 2013. These photographs were featured in a one-night-only pop-up show, organized by Jessica S. McDonald, the Nancy Inman and Marlene Nathan Meyerson Curator of Photography, at the Ransom Center in December 2013.

Other recent acquisitions to the Ransom Center's collections include:

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