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Spring 2016 Newsletter

Member Profile: Liz and Wayne Kesterson

Liz and Wayne Kesterson

Liz and Wayne Kesterson at the "West by Southwest" opening celebration. Photo by Antonio Delgado.

Members since 2012, Liz and Wayne Kesterson bring a warm energy to all that they are involved with. In this column, meet some of your fellow members, along with their favorite Ransom Center experiences--and taco recommendations!

Share your favorite Ransom Center member memories with us at membership@hrc.utexas.edu.

On programs:
"We try to sample it all! We have great appreciation for the coordination of exhibits, films, speakers, Poetry on the Plaza, etc. that are focused on the same topic." A highlight was the Omar Khayyám exhibition from 2009, which "was truly a special experience for us!"

Favorite exhibitions:
"Absolutely our favorite was the WWI exhibit! It was spectacular!" Of course, the Kestersons were extra lucky, as they won the opening party prize package, which included tickets to War Horse. A close second was The Making of Gone With The Wind, since Liz and Wayne knew the exhibition's curator, Steve Wilson, from his days at the Paramount Theatre, where they used to volunteer.

On the nightstand:
Often reading books inspired by Poetry on the Plaza (Homer's Iliad, anyone?), Liz and Wayne are happy to give non-Ransom Center recommendations as well. Wayne suggests Jason Matthews's The Red Sparrow for espionage fiction, and Liz endorses The Great Game by Peter Hopkirk.

Advice to new members:
Try to attend as many events as possible, because "great surprises hide behind every door—open them!"

Favorite taco stands:
In Austin, don't miss Papalote Taco House. Taking a trip? Taco Haven and Garcia's Mexican Food top their list for San Antonio.

Pro tips:
Explore the performances and events at the Butler School of Music, and seek out the $25 tickets for Zach Scott shows.

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