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2014-2015 Research Fellowship Application Instructions

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Cover of Eric Gill's Twenty-five Nudes (1938; reprint, London: J. M. Dent & Sons Ltd., 1951); James Salter's notes on possible titles for his novel Light Years, ca. 1974–5; cover of Paul Hayden Duensing's 25: a quarter-century of triumphs and disasters in the microcosm of the Private Press & Typefoundry of Paul Hayden Duensing (Kalamazoo, Mich.: The Private Press and Typefoundry of Paul Hayden Duensing, 1976); signaled message from the Royal Air Force to John Pudney requesting a poem for the organization's 25th anniversary, March 24, 1943; photograph of 25th Street Theater, Waco, ca. 1962.

2014-2015 Fellowship Poster (PDF)

The Harry Ransom Center, an internationally renowned humanities research library and museum at The University of Texas at Austin, annually awards over 50 fellowships for projects that require substantial on-site use of its collections. The fellowships support research in all areas of the humanities, including literature, photography, film, art, the performing arts, music, and cultural history. 2014–2015 will mark the 25th anniversary of Ransom Center's fellowship program.


The application deadline for 2014–2015 research fellowships has passed. Decisions will be announced by email on or before April 1, 2014. Application instructions for 2015–2016 fellowships will be posted in the summer.



One- to three-month fellowships are available for post-doctoral or independent scholars whose projects require extensive work with the Ransom Center's collections.

TRAVEL STIPENDS • $1,200 (Domestic) • $1,700 (International)

Travel stipends are available for post-doctoral or independent scholars whose projects require less than one month's work with the Center's collections. Travel stipends may not be combined with other Ransom Center fellowships.


Eight fellowships jointly sponsored by the Ransom Center and The University of Texas at Austin Office of Graduate Studies are designated for graduate students who are working on doctoral dissertations that require use of the Center's collections.

The Center gratefully acknowledges the principals of the supporting endowments and annual sponsors.


All applicants, with the exception of dissertation fellowship applicants, must have a Ph.D. or be an independent scholar with a substantial record of achievement; if the Ph.D. is in-progress, the proposal and letters of recommendation must clearly indicate a June 1, 2014, completion in order to be eligible for 2014–2015 fellowships. Dissertation fellowship applicants must be doctoral candidates engaged in dissertation research by the time of application. United States citizens and foreign nationals are eligible to apply. Previous recipients of Ransom Center fellowships are eligible to reapply after two full academic years have passed. All things being equal, however, preference is given to applicants who have not previously held a Ransom Center fellowship.


Applications for 2014–2015 fellowships must be submitted electronically through an online fellowship account on the Ransom Center's website. A complete application consists of a three-page proposal and one or two letters of recommendation, depending on the application category, which must be submitted to your fellowship account as PDF files by January 31, 2014, 5 p.m. CST. To begin your application, create your fellowship account. Upon successful creation of your account, you will receive your fellowship account number, which you must use to submit your proposal, and which your referee(s) must use to submit the required letter(s) of recommendation.


Create your three-page proposal as outlined below. The proposal must be submitted as a single PDF file through the Ransom Center's website using your fellowship account number. Files longer than three pages will not be accepted.

Page one of your proposal should provide a summary of the proposed research project. Keep in mind that you are writing for a multi-disciplinary faculty committee, so research topics and their significance should be thoroughly explained. Place the project in the context of its larger field of study and describe the anticipated result of the project (journal article, book, edited volume, or other format).

Page two of your proposal should provide a detailed account of your anticipated use of the Ransom Center's collections. Describe the nature of the materials that you will consult, their relevance to the project, and why these materials must be consulted on-site during the length of fellowship requested.

Page three of your proposal should consist of an abbreviated curriculum vitae emphasizing relevant publications.

Fellowship Application


Applications for one- to three-month fellowships and travel stipends must include two confidential letters of recommendation from individuals who are qualified to judge the proposal. Applications for dissertation fellowships must include one letter of recommendation from the dissertation director or an appropriate member of the dissertation committee. Letters of recommendation must be submitted through the Center's website by the referee using the applicant's fellowship account number. Letters must be submitted as a PDF file and bear the referee's signature and institutional letterhead.

Fellowship Application


The proposal and required letter(s) of recommendation for 2014–2015 fellowship applications must be submitted through the Center's website by January 31, 2014, 5 p.m. CST. Applicants are responsible for making sure that their referees meet the deadline. Materials cannot be accepted after the deadline has passed.

Fellowship Application


Decisions will be announced by email on April 1, 2014. Fellowship recipients will additionally receive materials related to their award by mail. Queries about applications in process cannot be acknowledged. Fellowship recipients and their research projects will be acknowledged in Ransom Center publicity.


Recipients of 2014–2015 fellowships must complete their residencies between June 1, 2014, and August 31, 2015, or between September 1, 2014, and August 31, 2015, for dissertation fellowships. During their residency period, fellows are expected to maintain a significant, consistent presence at the Center. Complete information about the fellowship policies and expectations may be found in the fellowship guidelines.


General information about the Center's collections may be found online. The Center's website includes many of the finding aids for manuscript collections. Additional information on the Center's collections may be found in the Guide to the Collections and the Library Chronicle. Most of the Center's books are listed in the online library catalog of The University of Texas at Austin. Specific inquiries about the relevance of the Center's holdings to a research project may be directed to the appropriate curator or librarian. Please contact only one curator or librarian to avoid unnecessary duplication of effort. If more than one collection is involved, we will see that your message is properly forwarded. Information about the collections should be requested by January 1. After that date, we cannot guarantee a response before the application deadline.

Modern British &
American Literature:

Rick Watson   512-471-3374

Pre-1900 English &
American Literature:

Richard Oram   512-471-4458


Roy Flukinger   512-471-6793


Linda Briscoe Myers   512-471-6281


Steve Wilson   512-471-6352


Elizabeth Garver   512-471-6008

Performing Arts:

Helen Baer   512-475-6502


Peter Mears   512-471-6593

Other Collection Inquiries:

Rick Watson   512-471-3374

Questions about the fellowship program or application instructions should be directed to ransomfellowships@utexas.edu.


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