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The New York Times

"A Forgotten Twain Tale Finally Makes It Into Print"
June 23, 2001

The piece offers background on the Atlantic Monthly's impending printing of an unpublished Mark Twain novelette, A Murder, a Mystery, and a Marriage. "Twain scholars who have read the manuscript call it 'thin,' 'slight' and 'contrived,'" but it sheds light on the relationship between the author and his contemporaries, notably William Dean Howells, with whom he wanted to launch a writing contest in the Atlantic Monthly. Howells and others did not take to Twain's idea, so "the manuscript ended up at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center in Austin, Tex., where it languished." A lawyer with the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library — home to a substantial Twain collection — learned of the forgotten story and pursued it.

The Guardian

"Paper Chase"
February 7, 2001

The article argues that the British Library should pursue collections more aggressively. It says the recent purchase of Dickens materials suggests the institution wants to develop its holdings but still, Jon Sutherland writes, it should go a step further and follow the model of the Ransom Center, which is "very well endowed and...prepared to buy — and pay top dollar — while authors are still alive and in their prime."

"Antiques Roadshow"

Produced by Boston PBS affiliate WGBH
February 2001

The second of the two Austin-based episodes opens with a tour of the Ransom Center, which host Dan Elias calls "one of the great libraries in the world." The piece includes shots of such Center staples as the handwritten draft of Absalom, Absalom, Anne Sexton's typewriter, and the Gone with the Wind storyboards. Director Thomas F. Staley shares Harry Ransom's motivation for founding the Center: "He believed understanding the creative process was as important as studying the final works." Elias concludes thusly: "Today the Ransom Center continues to acquire items from contemporary writers and artists and to pass out grants and fellowships to scholars from all over the world."

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