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Book Holdings

Engraving. Click to enlarge.

Game and Playe of the Chesse (William Caxton, 1483).
Pforzheimer Library.

Book cover. Click to enlarge.

D.M. Croker, Two Masters (1893). R.L. Wolff
Collection of Nineteenth-Century Fiction.

Book cover. Click to enlarge.

Bernard Malamud, The Natural (1952).
Contemporary Author Collection.

These are narrative descriptions of selected major book collections or period holdings. Not all collections are listed here. To locate an individual book title please search the University of Texas at Austin Library Catalog and limit to the Harry Ransom Center.


The Gutenberg Bible
Aldine Press
Recusant (English Catholics) Collection
18th-Century English Materials
John Henry Wrenn Library
Desmond Flower Collection of Voltaire
The Carl H. Pforzheimer Library


The Romantic Poets
The Robert Lee Wolff Collection of 19th-Century Fiction
The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám
Lewis Carroll (Charles Dodgson)
Walt Whitman
Miriam Lutcher Stark Library
John Henry Wrenn Library


Author Collections
     Samuel Beckett
     John Fowles
     James Joyce
     D.H. Lawrence
     T.E. Lawrence
     Norman Mailer
     Ezra Pound
     Vladimir Nabokov
     George Bernard Shaw
     John Steinbeck
     Evelyn Waugh
Authors’ Libraries
T. Edward Hanley Library
Spanish Civil War Collection
The Alfred A. and Blanche Knopf Library

Selected Subject Collections

Detective Fiction
Dime Novels
English and Dutch Prize Bindings
History of the Book and Book Arts
History of Science
Science Fiction and Fantasy
The Texas Collection of Comedias Sueltas

Philip J. Jaffe Collection of Leftist Literature
Kraus Libretti
C. L. Lundell Collection of Botanical Literature
Edward Alexander Parsons Collection
Edward Larocque Tinker Library


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