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Desmond Flower Collection of Voltaire

Voltaire, Oedipe (1719).

Voltaire, Oedipe (1719).

The author and publisher Desmond Flower assembled this collection of the works of Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet, 1694-1778), French philosopher and man of letters, over a period of more than three decades. Among the 1,350 volumes in the Flower Collection are 130 titles in first edition, many in multiple copies, dating from Voltaire's first published play Oedipe (1719) to his last, Irene (1779). These are supplemented by numerous later editions, including collected works, necessary to establish the textual authority and printing chronology of Voltaire's publications. The collection includes editions not known to Georges Bengesco, Voltaire's bibliographer, and a group of thirteen editions of Candide, each dated 1759.


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