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Spanish Civil War Collection

Cover of the book, Episodios de la Guerra Civil by Luis Montan

Luis Montan, La Aventura del mas joven
(late 1930s).

This collection was assembled by Paul Patrick Rogers, an anti-Falangist American who toured Republican-controlled portions of Spain in 1937. During his travels, Rogers collected items relating to the war, including books, journals, newspapers, photographs, and posters. The books include literature produced by both the Republicans and the Falangists during and after the war. Of special interest are works by leading Spanish intellectuals, such as Salvador de Madariaga y Rojo, who were supporters of the Loyalist cause. The Falangists are well represented in the collection, with works by José Antonio Primo de Rivera, the movement's founder, and speeches of Francisco Franco. Related materials may be found in the manuscript collections of Ernest Hemingway and Christopher Caudwell.


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