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Private Conservator Directory

This list does not imply any professional endorsement by the Conservation Department of the Harry Ransom Center or the University of Texas.

Contact the American Institute of Conservation at the following address for a list of other conservators in your region. The names of the members of the AIC, included in this directory, are marked by an *.

American Institute for Conservation
727 W 15th Street, N.W. Suite 500; Washington, D.C. 20005-1714
(202) 452-9545 fax: (202) 452-9328
email: info@culturalheritage.org
website: culturalheritage.org


Jace Graf, Cloverleaf Studio Inc.
Austin, Texas
(512) 494-9596
email: jace@cloverleafstudio.com
Book binding, box making, portfolios, post bindings, book design, book repair

Wendy Hale Davis
Austin, Texas
(512) 294-9035
email: worldbridger@earthlink.net
Conservation and restoration of books, fine binding, box making

* Craig Jensen
BookLab II
San Marcos, Texas
(512) 392-2363
email: craig@bookways.com
Box and portfolio making, limited edition binding, and binding structure design

* Olivia Primanis
Austin, Texas
(512) 371-1806
email: primanis@mail.utexas.edu
Consulting, preservation and conservation of books

* April Smith
Austin, Texas
(512) 693-BOOK (2665)
email: apsmith926@att.net
Book & manuscript conservation, box making, surveys, consulting

Sabina Daly
Book Mender
Austin, Texas
(512) 554-4380
email: sabina@bookmender.us
Book repair and restoration, paper mending, book and paper housings

Julie Sullivan
Dancing Cat Bindery
Austin, Texas
(214) 987-2234 (cell)
email: julie@dancingcatbindery.com
Book binding, book repair, box making


* Tish Brewer
The Center for Art Conservation
Dallas, Texas
(214) 827-0200
email: tish@centerforartconservation.com
Conservation of works of art on paper, prints, maps, posters, paper ephemera, manuscripts, works on related supports such as parchment, on-site consultation

* Cheryl A. Carrabba
Carrabba Conservation, Inc.
Austin, Texas 78729
(512) 452-5880 fax: (512) 452-6112
email: cheryl@carrabbaconservation.com
Conservation of archives, maps, art on paper. Large-volume project specialist. Advisory and consulting services.

* Corinne Dune
San Marcos, Texas
(512) 738-7735
email: cxdune@gmail.com
Conservation treatments of fine art and historic photographs, condition reports, collection surveys, consultations on preservation of photographic collections, emergency drying and disaster recovery

* Lauren Fernández
Fernández Conservation
Austin, Texas
(512) 924-8604
email: laurenf@att.net
Conservation treatment for works of art on paper: watercolors, prints, drawings and posters and archival materials: maps, documents, architectural drawings, parchment and vellum and Japanese screens and scrolls.

* Heather Hamilton
Georgetown, Texas
(617) 849-4580
email: hhamilton@outlook.com
Consultation, preservation and conservation of works of art on paper, documents, prints, maps, posters, paper ephemera, manuscripts, works on parchment

* Karen Pavelka / Senior Lecturer
The University of Texas at Austin, School of Information
Austin, Texas
(512) 471-8286 fax: (512) 471-8285
email: pavelka@utexas.edu
Preservation education and public lectures, preservation and conservation of paper, books and archives collections, consulting

Genevieve Pierce Kyle
The MicroSpatula
Austin, Texas
(512) 928-0606
email: themicrospatula@gmail.com
Paper and Book Conservation


* Melanie D. Sanford
dba Conserving Threads
Textile Preservation Services of Texas
Allen, Texas
(214) 995-0696
email: info@conservingthreads.com
Preservation and conservation of tapestries, quilts, flags, banners, historic costume, wedding gowns, consultation and survey of textile collections, emergency preparedness and disaster recovery


* Kim Crozier-Mitsche
Crozier Conservation, LLC
Dallas, Texas
(469) 608-0796
email: crozierconservation@gmail.com
wooden objects, metal, glass, ceramics, large sculpture, mosaics, etc. consultation and general collection maintenance

* Cher Goodson
Art Restorations, Inc.
Dallas, Texas
(214) 350-0811, fax:(214) 350-3485
email: info@artrestinc.com
Painting, Decorative Objects, Wooden Artifacts

* Brad Ford Smith
Studio Six Art Conservation
Dallas, Texas
(972) 415-1486
email: info@StudioSixArtConservation.com
Conservation of historic objects: furniture, boxes, polychrome, ethnographics, wood, lacquer, marquetry, ivory, ceramics, consultation, and collection surveys

* Wesley Sorensen
Conservation Arts Group
Dallas, Texas
(214) 298-9913
email: wesleysorensen@gmail.com
Works of: Metal, Glass, Wood, Fired Clay, Synthetic - Historic Paint Analysis, Gilding, Outdoor Sculpture

* Julie Unruh
Julie Unruh, LLC
Austin, Texas
(512) 843-2123
email: j.unruh@outlook.com
Objects and archaeological objects; collections surveys, preservation planning, consultation, education

* Catherine Williams
Silver Lining Art Conservation, LLC
Austin, Texas
(512) 695-3260
email: cwilliams@fineartfixer.com
Consultation, preservation and conservation of objects


* Julie Espinosa
Las Negras Studio
Dallas, Texas
(214) 871-0410
email: julie@lasnegrasstudio.com
Conservation of paintings. Modern paintings and frames restoration.

* Helen Houp
Helen Houp Fine Art Conservation
Dallas, Texas
(214) 366-4700 fax: (214) 366-4740
email: helen@pixfix.org
Conservation of paintings, murals, modern paintings, on site surveys of collections, full range photography, and consultation

* Mark E. van Gelder
Art Conservation Services of Austin
Austin, Texas
(512) 458-9809
email: mark_vg@sbcglobal.net
Preservation and restoration of paintings, murals, period frames, and painted historic surfaces; conservation assessment, and consulting

* Jill Whitten and Rob Proctor
Whitten & Proctor Fine Art Conservation
Houston, Texas
(713) 426-0191
email: wp@whittenandproctor.com
Conservation and preservation of traditional and modern paintings, frames and murals, examination for loans or purchase, consulting, conservation assessments and on site surveys

* Anne Zanikos
Anne Zanikos Art Conservation
San Antonio, Texas
(210) 828-1925
email: azanikos@yahoo.com
Preservation and conservation of paintings, frames, polychrome wood objects

* Richard Trela
Trela Fine Art Conservation
Canyon, Texas
(806) 655-5630
email: rtrela@suddenlink.net
Conservation of paintings, murals, decorative objects
environmental management, preventative conservation, survey treatment assessment


* Rebecca Elder
Rebecca Elder Cultural Heritage Preservation
Austin, Texas
(512) 699-3494
email: rebecca@elderpreservation.com
Preservation and conservation assessments and consulting, emergency preparedness and response, and book and paper conservation

To locate Conservators with specific expertise and/or in other states, consult the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works "Find a Conservator" information at:   culturalheritage.org


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