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Pre-Visit Questions

Before you visit the Ransom Center, please review these questions with your group. The questions are designed to spark thoughts in students' minds about what to expect when they get here.

  • Briefly describe any previous visits you have made to museums. What did you like about the visit? What did you dislike?

  • What do you know about the Ransom Center?

  • Where could you go to find out more about the Ransom Center?

  • Using the Ransom Center's website or newspaper and magazine articles about the Center, describe two or three interesting facts about the institution.

  • The Ransom Center collects rare books, manuscripts, photography, art, performing arts materials, film, and music. Why is it important for a museum or library to collect such materials? Why do you think people (professors, scholars, the general public, students) want to use these resources? How do you think they use these resources?

  • What kinds of materials do you hope to see during your visit? Why do you want to see these particular materials? How do they connect with your classroom studies or your personal interests?

  • What questions do you have for the docent or curator who will be working with you during your visit?

  • Other possible issues to discuss before visiting the Ransom Center:

    • Roles and responsibilities of Ransom Center employees

    • The challenges and strategies of designing an exhibition

    • Expectations of visitors to the Ransom Center



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