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Primary Source Education Modules

The Ransom Center's primary source education modules combine digitized archives and artifacts from the Center’s collections with inquiry-based methods to teach understanding and analysis of primary source material. Each activity is printer-friendly and includes all of the materials you will need, including suggested procedures, worksheets, applicable educational standards, and facsimiles of documents and artifacts that can be downloaded for classroom and student use.

With an estimated 45 million artifacts in its collections, the Ransom Center is a remarkable research facility. Providing resources online is an important step in reaching students and teachers who may never have the opportunity to visit the Center’s building.

Teaching with artifacts such as the Gutenberg Bible can enrich student learning by stimulating critical thinking and historical literacy. By studying objects and primary sources such as letters, books, and early drafts of well-known literature, students of any age can use observation, analysis, and personal experience to connect with different historical time periods and intellectual movements.

Edgar Allan Poe
Teaching the American 20s
Teaching Gutenberg



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