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Edgar Allan Poe. Poet, Literary Critic, Inventor of the Detective Story, Master of the Macabre.
Being Poe
Decoding Poe
Arguing with Poe
Illustrating Poe
Parodying Poe
Moving Beyond Poe
Teaching Poe
This was Edgar Allan Poe, one of the most important American authors of the nineteenth century. Learn more about Poe's life, work, and influence and create your own illustrations, decode puzzles, and find out what Poe's friend had to say about him after Poe's death.
Being Poe: Learn about Poe's life and death.
Arguing with Poe: Find out how Poe's friend shaped his legacy.
Decoding Poe: Solve word puzzles or stump Poe with your own.
Parodying Poe: Read a famous parody of The Raven and create your own.
Illustrating Poe: See illustrations of Poe stories and submit your own.
Moving Beyond Poe: Inspired by Poe to read more?
Teaching Poe: Resources for teachers.
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